How to create the BEST Family Holiday Plan!

How to create your best family holiday plan
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Updated on September 17, 2023. (Originally published 9/16/19.)

Yes, I know it’s September, but now is the perfect time to create your BEST Family Holiday Plan. We are already past the 101 days till Christmas (as of today, we have 99 to go!) And you know how crazy fast this whole season goes by once things get going. My 13-year-old daughter already has an audition coming up this month for a Christmas “Jubilee” (we’re not sure what that is yet … lol!) And did I mention it’s my son’s SENIOR YEAR?! The whole “18 summers” thing also applies to “18 Holiday Seasons”, so I know subconsciously and VERY consciously, I want to make it extra special. 

If you’re feeling ALLLLL of this, too, now we both know we’re not alone. So let’s take a few moments to put do a little brainstorm and create the Best Family Holiday Plan yet! 

101 Days till Christmas Countdown

Day 100: Start working on your BEST Family Holiday Plan

The great thing about starting to think about and plan for Christmas early is that you don’t have to do a lot all at once. Today’s simple tip comes from Real Simple magazine

Talk to the fam

In the 3 to 6 months leading up to Christmas (that would be now), it’s a good idea to sit down, look at your calendar and chat with your family. Keep it simple! Talk with your hubby about extended family expectations. Ask your kids, if they’re old enough, what they loved about the holidays last year so you can plan to do it again.

Look at the Cal

After you talk to the fam, you gotta look at your calendar.

If you’re like me, you want to do ALL THE CHRISTMAS THINGS! (And before that, all the FALL & THANKSGIVING THINGS! … etc!) Haha! That’s a recipe for burnout and stress.

This year, we’re going to look at the calendar and be realistic to avoid burnout & stress.

For example, I got an invitation to sing with a prison ministry in December. But it’s the same weekend as my daughter’s previously mentioned ballet “Jubilee” or “Jamboree” or whatever it is (lol!) So, unfortunately, since I can’t be in both places at the same time, that means I have to say no to the invitation.

Just say NO (especially during the Holidays)

The beauty of starting your “Best Family Holiday Plan” now is that it’ll make it a bit easier to say that magical word: “No.” If you’re like me, it can be HARD to say no sometimes (especially to family, friends, school things, work things, church things, etc…). When you already have your plan in place, you can genuinely say, I’m sorry, I can’t! You’ll have a reason to say no, peace of mind and confidence, heading into the holiday season! WOOHOO!

Hope these tips help! Share some of your “Best family holiday planning” tips in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!

Laughing (and planning for Christmas) thru life,


Image of a calendar planner or agenda in front of a lady with a light blue sweater, pen in hand, ready to create the BEST Family Holiday plan.