Are You Ready for 12 Weeks of Summer? Here’s a plan!

Transformation Summer 2017
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I’m SO ready for summer!!! I think … Haha!

Transformation Summer, here we come!!!

Transformation Summer 2017

… but wait, do we have something planned for all 12 weeks of summer?

You know, to make sure it’s a TRUE transformation summer?

If you’re a two-income family like us, summer takes a LOT of planning, especially for the kids. While mom and dad work, since school’s out, we need to come up with a ton of ideas.

So far, we’ve been adding sports camps, church camps and Vacation Bible School (VBS), plus time with grandparents & friends to our 12 WEEK Summer Planner!

We really want it to be the best summer ever!

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Since I really want to make this a transformation summer, I also have these tips to help us make it happen (hey, I need the motivation, too!)

Check out my Top 3 Family Tips to make these 12 Weeks of Summer the best yet!

We want to squeeze in as much family fun as possible even with our busy schedule, so I’m sharing my Top 3 Family Tips for the BEST 12 Weeks of Summer to help us make the absolute MOST of this fun season!

Tip #1: Follow local family fun & deals sites!houston on the cheap 2017

I live in Houston and one of my favorite local sites is Houston on the Cheap. They always have awesome summer plans and ideas, free movie nights, museum events, zoo days, and more! I check it out pretty much every week to make sure we’re not missing out on any (free or cheap) Houston fun!!!

Tip #2: Have a schedule!

I’m usually a “fly by the seat of my pants” kind of mom, so these 12 Weeks of Summer can either speed past our family like a blurry speeding train, or we can PLAN!

I have to work at this because I’m not a natural planner, but I have a notebook and two planner/agendas that I’m currently using. To help you out, in case you’re not a natural planner either, here’s what I’ve been doing that’s been helping me a TON!

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BONUS! Some scheduling tools I love!


  • Notebook: I love my notebook that I use for brainstorming, “brain dumps” and lists. Here’s one of my favorites that you can use for notes, journaling and more! (Click the photo to find out more through my affiliate link!)

Journal Change the World



  • Planner 1: Last year, I loved a large 8 1/2 x 11 size At-A-Glance planner with weekly and monthly views… that you could COLOR IN! You better know I had coloring pencils in my computer bag! Lol! It honestly helped me make sure to do what productivity expert Stephen Covey says — schedule the “Big Rocks” first (those “must do” important things), and let everything else fit around them (in a pretty way!) My 2017 planner was this one below! This year, I’ve been trying a new one, the Brilliant Business Planner.  (Click the photo to find out more through my affiliate link!)


  • Planner 2: If you’re like me and have a GAZILLION things (family, work, church, blog, sports, etc…) having a second planner might make sense for you, too. For my blog especially, since it’s a “side hustle” that is bringing extra income (praise God!) I like having a dedicated planner for that purpose. This one is a bit smaller, about 5 x 8. It’s perfect to plan out my blog posts and other tasks like social shares, applying for sponsored posts, pitching brands, applying for affiliate programs, etc…  (The photo goes to my affiliate link for a similar planner!)

I also have to add that the main reason I’ve been trying to work at being a better planner is because I read a Bible verse that I felt like it was God saying “do this to succeed!”

“The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.” Proverbs 21:5 

Seems pretty clear to me! And finally …

Tip #3: Think about Week 12 (Vision Board style)

Ok, seriously, take a minute and think about how you want to feel (and how you want your family to feel) as you wrap up this summer. Imagine that it’s week 12, just one week before school starts again. It’s my son’s first year of Middle School and I’M NOT READY!!! lol! But I’ll try to imagine how we’ll feel. You could even try to make a vision board if you’d like!

We all want to feel, even if it goes by too fast (doesn’t it always), like it was an EPIC SUMMER! Maybe we won’t get to do it all. We might not get to go to all the water parks and road trips our summer-loving hearts desire. Regardless, I want to be able to look back and smile at all the stuff we actually got to do.

I want to make sweaty memories of hanging out at the pool and the zoo.

I want to remember laughing at the adventure of searching for the perfect spot to watch 4th of July fireworks.

I want to look back on this summer and thank God that it was awesome!

Last year, I had a series here on my blog that I called Inspiration Summer. I set out to make time last summer to enjoy music and fill our home with things that inspired us. We decorated our home with favorite quotes and Bible verses. We made time to relax, breathe and feel inspired (not exhausted) at the end of the season.

Sign me up for this Transformation Summer!

This year, I invite you to join me for the next twelve weeks of a Transformation Summer! I’m embarking on a journey where I’m trying to plan and schedule things (and accomplish more). I’m also wanting to find more balance and build healthier habits for my body, my family and my home. Join me! Share your summer plans in the comments!

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Laughing (and being transformed) through Life,


8 thoughts on “Are You Ready for 12 Weeks of Summer? Here’s a plan!

  1. I don’t have kids but I am making a “bucket list” for this summer so my husband and I can explore more of the City. I LOVE Houston on the Cheap because there’s always great deals and date ideas to try out.

  2. Don’t have any kiddos myself, but working on planning the week one nephew will be coming to visit from another state. His visits are always a good excuse to check out new local attractions. Still getting the rest of the summer figured out, including visits to other nieces/nephews who live far away – guess I need to get on that ASAP! Have a great summer!

    1. Sheila Jo, that’s so awesome! I LOVE it when my brother comes to visit because it gives us an excuse to explore the city!

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