40 Reasons I’m thankful for my hubby on his 40th Birthday!

40 Reasons I'm thankful for my hubby on his 40th birthday
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If you know our story, you know there are MORE than 40 reasons why I’m thankful that we are celebrating Adam’s 40th birthday today! Since this is an exciting milestone, I figured why not go ahead and make a list! So here we go!

40 Reasons Why I’m Thankful for My Hubby on His 40th Birthday!

  1. I’m thankful that both his parents and mine prayed for godly spouses. It’s amazing to go thru life with a partner who doesn’t just love you, but loves God above all else.
  2. I asked God for “my future husband” to have a sense of humor and He delivered! Adam makes me laugh every day!
  3. I’m thankful that, when we were dating, Adam left me little “love notes” on my car windshield so I’d find them after school and work.

  4. We both share “eating out” as one of our love languages! lol
  5. He listened to my dream of an EPIC proposal! Adam swept me off my feet one Christmas season (my favorite), during a show at a performing arts center where I was singing! We had the crowd, choir, orchestra, band … everyone clapping and cheering. It was, indeed, epic!
  6. I’m thankful that he said YES to my Disney Honeymoon! (And we had a BLAST!) Our 15 secrets to a Happy 15th Anniversary
  7. He loves and honors his parents. I’m very thankful for that.
  8. I’m thankful for a hubby that brings me flowers every now and then for no reason at all!

  9. He rolls his eyes, but still comes with me on spur of the moment weekend trips (like those Saturday drives to San Francisco when we lived in Sacramento!)
  10. I love that, when we were dating, we read a couples devotional together, did premarital counseling and I felt that he was serious about investing in our relationship. SO thankful for this!
  11. I’m thankful that my hubby made me feel loved every moment of our first pregnancy … even when I felt “fat.” He still said I was beautiful and I believed him.

  12. He was more excited about baby gear than me (especially the messenger bag-style diaper bag we got him!) lol
  13. Adam came to pretty much any and every doctor’s appointment he could, and I think we both cried the first time we got to hear the baby’s heartbeat!
  14. When he got a brain tumor diagnosis, my world turned upside down. But I’m thankful that Adam’s faith in God remained steadfast and strong. I’m still so impressed by this.
  15. I’m thankful that my hubby is so confident in God that he helps reassure me when I need encouragement.
  16. It’s been amazing to experience God together, surrounded by family, friends and even strangers, who have prayed for us through hard times.

  17. I’m thankful that God has done healing miracles not just once or twice but MANY times! We’ve seen God carry us through a LOT and I’m incredibly thankful that we’re celebrating birthday #40 … and prayerfully many more to come, with God’s blessing!"<yoastmark
  18. The day when our son was born was one of the greatest miracles we’ve experienced … and I’m thankful for a hubby who wore his “I love hot moms” shirt to the hospital! LOL
  19. The day our daughter was born was another one of those great miracles in our lives! We were in awe that we now had a son, a new daughter, my much-prayed-for VBAC and so much JOY!
  20. I’m thankful that Adam is one of those dads with a built-in “daddy sense!” He could swaddle our babies better than I could! And he knew to watch the babies when I needed to rest. Best Daddy Ever!

  21. Going to back to how we met, I’m thankful that we’ve grown from being friends serving at our church youth group to the strong relationship we have now, serving together at our church.
  22. I’m thankful that God has provided a full time job for Adam in ministry. How amazing is that!
    Adam & Coppelia goofing off during sound check and rehearsal before church service
    This is us, just goofing off during sound check and rehearsal before church service at Second Baptist Church in Houston, TX!


  23. The gratitude fills my heart when I see Adam in his element, producing a service, working with the tech team at our church in Houston (shout out to Second Baptist) … and I’m excited about our new church here in Orlando (Real Life!)

  24. It’s also been amazing to serve in prison ministry together … first in Puerto Rico as boyfriend and girlfriend … as new parents in California (I nursed our baby Christopher in between singing in prisons!) … and even on our 10th anniversary, when we road tripped to the Rio Grande Valley for another prison ministry trip with Bill Glass Behind the Walls!
  25. I’m thankful for a hubby that was named “Rookie of the Year” his first year full time at our church in Houston. This man makes friends so fast! And he’s, almost overnight, a valuable member of the team. He doesn’t wait to be needed, he jumps in to solve problems and is a blessing to those around him.
  26. Seriously, I’m just thankful at this point in the list to see all the plans that God has accomplished in Adam’s life … and I’m super excited about this new season in Florida! That leads me to #27 …

  27. I’m thankful for a hubby that, while we prayed about my job opportunity that moved us from Houston to Orlando, he asked God for clarity and was 100% certain that this was a move that God was calling us to make.
  28. In the midst of all the packing and moving, I’m thankful that we’ve been able to enjoy the little things … like finding a Buccee’s on the was to Florida! LOL
  29. I’m thankful for the “Stronger_Marriages” tips that he sends me from an awesome Instagram account for couples!
  30. One of the messages he sent me said “Happy is the person who doesn’t look for a spouse who is eye candy, but looks for a spouse who is soul food. Blessed is the person who realizes they’ve found both.” (Adam added “And I did!”) Awwww! I’m so thankful for you, Babe!
  31. I’m thankful to God for another year of life to celebrate together!!! (And I ask for many more!!!)

  32. Every night that we get to pray for and bless our kids as we tuck them in and say goodnight, I’m thankful to have a godly hubby who loves his family so much. <3
  33. I’m beyond thankful that you’re actually excited about going to church tomorrow! I know many people are praying for their spouses to come to know Jesus and I don’t ever want to take this blessing for granted.
  34. I’m thankful that, now that we live so close to Disney World, you’re totally fine with me going as many times as I want to (right???? lol!)
    Family road trip to Disney World Coppeliamarie
    Family road trip to Disney World in 2016 for my cousin Ninna’s wedding!


  35. Ok, I might go to Disney with my sister and let you stay home, but still … I’m thankful! lol!
  36. Did I mention how THANKFUL I am for a hubby who loves to cook? Babe, you know I’m super thankful for that! 😀

  37. And I may have forgotten to mention how, when I googled and researched the heck out of “endometriosis,” you didn’t blink when I asked to drive 2 hours to a specialist who finally gave us a diagnosis and hope for relief from pain. <3 I praise God and thank Him for an understanding and loving hubby thru that hard season.
  38. I’m thankful every time I see our kids get excited because Daddy is there cheering them on at gymnastics, basketball, track, soccer and anything they decide to do!
  39. Babe, I’m so over the moon thankful for how you have led our family as we prayed for this move to Florida. You have held me and our kids as we’ve cried and hugged. You’ve answered questions (do we have to move?) with reminders that God is in control! I’m thankful.

  40. And, to wrap it up, Babe, I’m more than thankful that we get to celebrate your 40th birthday together in our new house in Florida, going to our new church, enjoying weather that is practically perfect, and knowing that this is just the beginning of God’s blessings in this new season!

Happy Birthday, Babe! Te amo!!!

Laughing (and celebrating thru life),


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