A Christian Mom’s Take on Incredibles 2

Incredibles2 movie review
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“Where! Is! My! Super Suit!”

If that is one of your favorite movie lines EVER, then I’m guessing you saw “The Incredibles” when the movie first came out 14 years ago. That seems like an eternity to wait between a movie and a sequel. And the time is finally here!

The long-awaited Disney Pixar #Incredibles2 sequel is HERE!

Our family got the opportunity to attend a Houston screening of #Incredibles2 last night, thanks to our friends at Allied Marketing on behalf of Disney. When you see movie giveaways here on the blog, they’re usually the sponsors! Awesome people (shout out to Enrique in the photo below!)

Incredibles 2 Coppeliamarie with family and Enrique

Of course, I was already excited about Incredibles 2! So in the spirit of full disclosure, we received free screening passes, but paid for part of the popcorn (because we remembered an old gift card!) Haha! And yes, I’m a HUGE Disney fan, but I’ll still share my honest (99% spoiler free) opinion.

As a Christian mom, I can relate to the dilemma of “is this family-friendly movie really family-friendly?” So, let’s chat about that.

I also promised no spoilers, so I’ll try to keep it pretty generic, but still share enough information to make you feel confident in your choice to watch Incredibles 2 with your family (or not.)

First of all, let me encourage you to watch The (original) Incredibles movie before you watch the sequel. I think it’s WAY more fun if you go into it already liking the characters. And, bonus, if you had never seen it, you won’t have to wait 14 years to find out what happens in that last scene! Ha!

Incredible Family Themes

In both the first and second Incredible movies, it’s pretty easy to understand and relate to the Parr family. The mom is doing her best to raise 3 kids. The dad is frustrated with his current job where he’s not able to use his talents to their fullest (or at all.) The kids are trying to figure out their identity, deal with sibling rivalry and also figure out what to do with some pretty unique “family drama.” Totally relatable, at least in my opinion.

This might be close to a spoiler, but in the #Incredibles2, one of my favorite scenes has Elastigirl, Mrs. Incredible, having a moment where she’s asking something I’ve been asking since my son was born 12 years ago:

Do I have to work outside the home to help my family? Do I have to go against what’s expected, and in some cases, break “the rules”, in order to figure out what are the best “rules” for our family?

I think it’s one of those family dilemmas that might never have an easy reply or perfect solution. At the very least, each family has to, like the Incredibles, figure out what works best for them.

Incredibles 2 Coppeliamarie

Let’s talk family values in Incredibles 2

To be honest, there wasn’t a single moment in the film that made me uncomfortable as a Christian mom, letting my kids watch it.

(Tip for younger kids: yes, it’s a cartoon movie, but it’s also a superhero action film. There are bad guys, fights, lasers, people’s lives are in danger, etc… and there were some intense “hypnosis” moments where I didn’t want to watch the screen! (My 12 and 8 year old kids were perfectly fine, though.) If your kids are sensitive to loud noises or explosions, big pulsating lights or intense action, you might want to skip this one or wait until you can fast-forward thru those scenes at home.)

The movie deals with the oldest daughter’s crush on a boy (a theme that carries on from the first movie). The way dad (Mr. Incredible) handles it is, again, very relatable. And actually kind of sweet. 🙂

I personally loved the way the marriage relationship is portrayed between Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible.

(Potential spoiler: their relationship is stretched (wink) by an opportunity for the wife to pursue her dream while dad stays home. The struggle here feels genuine. And I love the way that putting family first is something that, in many ways, holds them together.)

When it comes to parenting, I appreciated the fact that the Incredibles’ mom and dad had conversations in front of the kids, including them. In real life, some parents prefer to shield their kids from “harsh realities.” But I appreciated about Incredibles 2, that there are times in which the family as a whole discusses whatever is going on, how things affect each other and what might be the best solutions (sometimes as they figure out how to survive in the middle of a fight with the bad guys! HA!)

Got questions? Let me know in the comments!

I hope this Christian mom perspective on Incredibles 2 helps you out! If you have any questions about the movie before you watch it, feel free to ask in the comments!

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Laughing (and trying to be Incredible) thru life,


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  1. This sounds like a good movie overall! Has it REALLY been 14 years? Oh my word, why do I find that so hard to believe? I’ll definitely have to catch this!

    1. I couldn’t believe it either! And they have a part in the beginning with some of the main actors with a message for fans of the 1st movie (like me) that was AWESOME!!!

  2. I am SOOOOO excited for this movie!! Your review has me even more excited, can’t wait to see it this weekend!

  3. Sounds like a wholesome family film. We recently watched The original Incredibles and just can’t wait to see the sequel. We’ve been waiting for a long time and are so excited to see how the story unfolds. Thanks for sharing your honest review!

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