A Comforting Pilot

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I’ve never felt more cared for on an airplane than today.    
I’ve been flying since I was 5 and I’ve always enjoyed it. My mom taught me to pray before take off & thank God when we land. My dad taught me that, when there’s turbulence, the shakier it gets, the more you enjoy the ride.

Back when you chose “chicken or lasagna” on flights (those were the good days!), I was on a plane with my dad,

eating lasagna, when the turbulence hit. And I watched my dad pull his lasagna plate up and keep eating, as if to say Bring. It. On. 

That still makes me chuckle. 

But today, as I flew from California back to Texas, excited about seeing my hubby & kids (not excited, ecstatic!), I heard the pilot welcome us and say something like this:

“We might experience some turbulence during this flight. I’ll keep you informed, but please keep your seat belts fastened, for safety purposes.” 

I was not surprised. Flights out of California, whether we were flying to visit family in Puerto Rico, or now our current home in Texas, typically had their share of turbulence. It was to be expected.

What was unexpected and a sweet surprise was that the pilot, on the very few and brief moments when we experienced choppy air, with a calming, soothing voice would announce:

“We’re experiencing some turbulence, but it should pass quickly. Nothing to worry about.”

Sometimes with turbulence, the mind can wander to “I hope this is normal. I’m sure the pilot’s got this… right?! (insert nervous laughter.)

I often look to the flight attendants for assurance. If they’re cool, calm & collected, walking the narrow plane aisle, serving beverages, looking like business as usual, the turbulence doesn’t bother me as much.

But today that Delta pilot took it a step further and reassured me that everything was ok. 

The pilot’s calm and confident voice, acknowledging the bumpy ride & declaring that everything was great, just made me feel safer, like I could lean back in my chair (as comfortably as possible in economy class!), and relax. I did and I truly enjoyed that flight. 

I’m sure knowing I would be hugging & kissing my hubby and kids made the flight more exciting, too.

But, as a Christian, I couldn’t help thinking how this is such a great illustration of life with Jesus. 

I see him as my pilot (sorry, bumper sticker that says “Jesus is my co-pilot.”) The pilot is in charge, and I KNOW that having Jesus flying the plane is much better than me being in charge! 

I trust that Jesus knows every stop on the flight. 

I trust that Jesus will get me there on time (even if it’s not the time I want–his timing is perfect.)

I trust that, when turbulence hits, I can pray and listen to Jesus’ calm, confident voice saying, yes, I know the air is choppy. Just keep your seat belt fastened (keep that belt of truth on), sit back and relax. I’ll get you to the destination safely.

And to that I say “Thank You, Jesus.”