Day 46: A Mom’s Christmas Wish List | 101 Days till Christmas

101 Days till Christmas Day 46 Mom's Christmas Wish List
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If you count this past weekend, we have 7 weekends till Christmas! Technically, in 7 weeks, it’ll be the weekend of December 21-22, 2019, which often is “The Last Hectic Weekend” before Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Today, I’m sharing this Mom’s Christmas Wish List for the next 7 weekends in the hopes that we make it to the actual holiday with full (not depleted) hearts.

These are ideas for your family (and mine) to fit in the things we love in the middle of the “hustle and bustle!” Let’s plan ahead now so we can actually do these things (and not be running around all Christmas’ed out!) lol!

A Mom’s Christmas Wish List

Weekend #1: Enjoy the beginning of the Holidays around town with the fam!

Here in Central Florida, the Disney parks are kicking off the HOLIDAYS this weekend! AND we’re getting a little cold front!  Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party just kicked off  last Friday (November 8th!) The lights are twinkling, trees are up, and I can’t wait to check them out! But, this weekend, our budget is kind of tight and we can’t afford to visit. So in lieu of ALL THE DISNEY HOLIDAY CELEBRATIONS, we may just stroll through Disney Springs and enjoy the “Trail of Trees” for FREE! Or we’ll stay home, make popcorn and watch movies! Either way, my first wish is for some special family time spent together.

Weekend #2: Plan a romantic Christmas date with my hubby!

Our family usually gets UBER busy this time of the year. But we’re not involved in a church here in Florida to the degree that we normally have been (at least not yet!) So I think this year, it’s looking more promising that I’ll have more time to sneak some date nights with my love, Adam! (Here’s hoping we can make it work!)

Weekend #3: Drive around to look at Christmas Lights with the fam!

This is another fun family tradition! And if you don’t know where the BEST neighborhoods are in your area, google it! Ask around! We seemed to find a few favorites pretty quickly in Houston, but there was always something new to discover. Can’t wait to see what we’ll find here in Central Florida this year!

Weekend #4: Pick out the Christmas Tree! (If we haven’t already!)

One of our family traditions is to pick out a natural tree at a local lot! We moved to Florida in April so my daughter was asking where we would go! I’m not sure yet, but it’s time to ask around and get ready to shop and pick out the perfect tree for our first Christmas in Florida!

Weekend #5: Christmas Movie marathon!

What are YOUR family favorite Christmas movies? For us, Charlie Brown Christmas is always on the list. But we also LOVE Disney’s Prep & Landing with our favorite elves, Lanny and Wayne! This weekend would be the perfect one to watch Christmas movies … with some hot chocolate, of course!

Weekend #6: Family & Friends Gatherings!

Have you gotten together with family and friends already? Is it happening in a couple of weeks on the actual holidays? This weekend is a great one to spend together with those we love (or plan the party!) Invite someone over for dinner. Meet for peppermint mochas. Go ice skating at a local park! This is the perfect weekend for all that fun!

Weekend #7: Plan to attend a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

At our last church in Houston we were IN the Christmas Eve Candlelight service (my hubby working, and the kids and I singing!) This year in Orlando, FL, we’ve been visiting a couple of churches, but haven’t fully plugged in to one just yet. That means that I’m looking around to see which churches are doing a candlelight service on Christmas Eve so we can attend as a family. It WILL be a treat, though, to be together (since my hubby is usually working tech/media and I’m usually in the choir, singing with our 2 kids!)

What would YOU add to “Mom’s Christmas Wish List?”

I hope you use this Christmas Weekend Wish List as ideas for you and your family to make the most of the season. May God bless your family and fill our season with His love & JOY!

Laughing thru life,


101 Days till Christmas Day 46 Mom's Christmas Wish List
101 Days till Christmas Day 46 Mom’s Christmas Wish List