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101 Days till Christmas Day 48 3 Weeks till Thanksgiving Checklist
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I looked at my monthly calendar and it kind of shocked me how close we are to Thanksgiving. Can you believe it’s 3 weeks away? Unless you’ve got all the details already squared away, I’m sharing a super simple checklist to help you get ready for the holidays and continue our 101 Days till Christmas Countdown!

Your 3 Weeks till Thanksgiving Checklist

To keep it super simple, I’m breaking down the checklist over the next 3 weeks. Feel free to tweak it and add (or take out) what you need (or don’t!)

Thanksgiving Checklist: 3 Weeks to Go!

These are your checklist items per week:

  1. Confirm Thanksgiving Day plans

    • I still need to do this with my parents, grandma & sister. Our plan this year is to celebrate a little early, since my sis will be at the in-laws in Tennessee for Thanksgiving this year. No matter the date, the important thing is being together! <3
  2. Plan the Thanksgiving Menu!

    • What’s on YOUR Thanksgiving menu? My hubby has made a big ol’ turkey in the past, but this year we might repeat our new favorite tradition — turkey breast from Honey Baked Ham! Everyone loves it and that’s less cooking for the grown ups! LOL! Sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce will also be on our menu. Share your menu in the comments!
  3. Write the grocery list!

    • The great thing about starting the grocery shopping early is you don’t have to do it all at once in 3 weeks! LOL! Space it out and buy what you can buy early!

Thanksgiving Checklist: 2 Weeks to Go!

  1. Declutter around the home (Fall cleaning!)

    • I’m currently working on this… got quite a bit of decluttering to do, but we’ve got this! The Flylady and her daily missions are a huge help!
  2. Spruce up the home with decor (if you haven’t already!)

    • Ya know … I have a fall wreath up, but we could do a bit more decorating. Gotta get on that! But we could also do this next week, when it’s officially 2 weeks till Thanksgiving!
  3. Plan outfits for the fam!

    • If your kids are growing like mine are, it might be time to check the closet to see what we’re all wearing for Thanksgiving. Maybe those pants we thought still fit are a bit tight or short. Two weeks till Thanksgiving buys us a little time to go pick up any clothing we may need!

Thanksgiving Checklist: 1 Week to Go!

  1. Finish grocery shopping (if needed).
  2. Clean sweep before guests arrive (or chill if you’re going to someone else’s home!)
  3. Make a list of the last minute details (and don’t stress about them!)
  4. Sit down, sip your favorite holiday beverage & watch your favorite holiday movie!

And, before you know it, we’ll be saying …

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope this quick & simple checklist can help you look ahead to Thanksgiving Day! The point is to do a little every week to get ready, not stress and focus on loving those around you! Let’s have fun and be thankful. If we’re around to celebrate another year, it’s because God is not finished with us yet!

God bless you & Happy (early) Thanksgiving!

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101 Days till Christmas Day 48 3 Weeks till Thanksgiving Checklist pin
101 Days till Christmas Day 48 3 Weeks till Thanksgiving Checklist pin