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101 Days till Christmas: Day 55 A Christian Mom's Take on Halloween
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If you grew up in a home that didn’t celebrate Halloween, you may have continued that “lights off” tradition. Or maybe you embraced the “Trunk or Treat” concept where the kids dress up in non-scary costumes and gather candy at your local church event. Depending on who you talk to, you may hear a lot of different opinions on what IS a Christian mom to do with Halloween. But I’ll share here some things that have helped me through the years to navigate a holiday that I really don’t even like (lol!) But I’ve learned to make the best of it!

What’s a Christian Mom to do with Halloween?

I never really cared for Halloween growing up, but once I became a mom, I had to answer a new question. What am I going to do with Halloween as a Christian MOM? The first point I share below helped me answer that question.

1. Get involved in your church or community “Trunk or Treat!”

When my son Chris was little, our church in California, The Ridge, put together an awesome Trunk or Treat for our community. It was an opportunity to meet neighbors who would normally not come to a “church service.” But they brought their adorable kids in their superhero and princess costumes to the “Trunk or Treat” and got as much candy as they could!

I love that those were opportunities to chat with people and love on them in hopes that they’d maybe consider church again.

2. Be a part of the school fall or “Halloween” activities

My daughter’s pre-school was at a Christian church, but they had an AWESOME fall festival, right around Halloween. They had a movie at the pumpkin patch at night (usually “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” or “Spookly the Square Pumpkin”)! We went on hayrides, took photos, bough tiny pumpkins from their little patch and enjoyed a family fun day with the other pre-school families! Of course, the kids went in their costumes and they had candy at different stations! It’s another fun way to enjoy the “holiday” without necessarily going the “creepy” route, unless that’s your jam. 🙂

3. Hang out with your neighbors!

This is such an easy thing to do! Since tonight is Halloween, why not have candy on hand to share with any kids who come to your door? Kindness and a welcoming attitude go a long way to communicate love to your neighbors. If you’re like our family, it can be hard to find time to really hang out with your neighbors anyway, with all of our busy lives. If one of the few times we can get to know each other is “Halloween,” let’s make the best of it! And if there’s a community get together or block party, even better!

4. Share the “Pumpkin Gospel” with your kids (and their friends!)

My friends Sterling and Joey shared this with me when I worked at a radio station back in Houston, TX. I had never heard the “pumpkin gospel!” In short, the process of carving a pumpkin is a great way to share the gospel. If you’ve never heard of this (like I hadn’t), check out this link that explains it. I love the visual we get when carving the pumpkin of taking all the “gunk out,” cleaning the pumpkin and putting a light inside! It’s like confessing our sin and inviting Jesus to come into our hearts, filling us with His life and light! Love it!

5. Check out the book “Redeeming Halloween”

This is probably my favorite resource on the topic of what to do as a Christian family with “Halloween.” Kim Weir, whom I also met at that same radio station in Houston when she hosted a very popular show, wrote the book “Redeeming Halloween.” I love that she doesn’t give a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all answer. She gives you tons of great information and encourages you to decide for yourself and your family how to handle the holiday.

I also loved this Focus on the Family article on how families should decide to handle Halloween. They share how some families choose to stay away, while others celebrate and in the end, it’s up to you to make a prayerful, loving and informed decision.

At the end of the day, I hope you have fun today! Whatever you choose to do as a Christian family, I just hope we’re showing love and kindness, being salt & light in our neighborhoods!

Laughing thru life,


101 Days till Christmas: Day 55 A Christian Mom's Take on Halloween
101 Days till Christmas: Day 55 A Christian Mom’s Take on Halloween