Day 61: It’s 2 Months till Christmas! | 101 Days till Christmas Countdown

101 Days till Christmas Countdown Day 61 2 Months till Christmas
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Can you believe it? Today is October 25th, which means we are officially 2 months away from Christmas Day! WHAT?! I’m so happy to have this 101 Days till Christmas countdown here on the blog so we can officially “freak out” together! But better than just “freaking out” (for me it’s a combination of excitement and stress over all the “to dos”), I’m rounding out tips to help us out. I’m sharing some of my favorite tips & tricks to dive into the holiday season ready to enjoy it to the fullest!

Yes, it’s just 2 months till Christmas — here are my top 3 favorite sites to help you get organized & ready!

You may have heard me mention them before here on the 101 Days till Christmas countdown, but these are seriously my go-tos for when the time crunch really starts, the closer we get to the actual holidays! And it’s crazy how close we are already to Halloween (next Thursday), Thanksgiving (1 month and 3 days) and Christmas (2 months!)

The Flylady’s Holiday Cruising Missions

I’ve been a fan of The Flylady for years! She’s the QUEEN of home organization, but not just because of her proven tips and secrets — she gets to the bottom of why we sometimes fall into “martyr” syndrome (I do EVERYTHING around this house and NOBODY helps me!). She helps us to FLY (Finally Love Yourself). And she definitely helps us get ready for the holidays with less stress and a cleaner, happier home (how does she do it?) I know those baby steps are a big part of it — start small and you’ll see those baby step habits add up! I’ve seen it myself!

The Holiday Cruising Missions are just daily little tips she shares to help us tackle ALL the holiday things and still stay “Merry” through it all!

Organized Christmas from Organized Home

One of the things I have LOVED from Organized Home’s Christmas resources is the FREE printables to help you put together everything from your holiday budget to a Holiday Values Checklist! The money part can be such a stressful part of the season, having a budget really helps. And the Values Checklist surprised me … but it’s perfect for asking your family what they loved (and didn’t) from last season, so you can plan the most wonderful time of the year with them in mind!

Real Simple’s Ultimate Christmas Countdown Checklist

This one is simple and it’s ULTIMATE. What more do we really need? If you want a super simple, doable checklist that will help you tackle the most important items on your Christmas Checklist, I think this is it! And if you’re a busy working mama like me, this is what we need — simplicity, while still guiding us thru putting all the special touches together that make this time of year  so … special!

2 Months till Christmas (and more fun) on IGTV

Hope this all helps! And you are invited to join me for IGTV fun on Instagram with 101 days till Christmas countdown videos that will keep popping up between now and then!

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101 Days till Christmas Countdown Day 61 2 Months till Christmas pin
101 Days till Christmas Countdown Day 61 2 Months till Christmas pin