Day 73: How to set, review & adjust your holiday goals | 101 Days till Christmas

101 Days till Christmas Day 73 adjust holiday goals
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Let’s be realistic. We have 73 days before we wake up on Christmas morning and find wonderful surprises! Or we could wake up groggy-eyed, having barely made it thru the holiday season. Today is a GREAT day to set, review and/or adjust those holiday goals so we can get to Christmas in one piece!

How to set, review & adjust your holiday goals

These ideas should help you think ahead to this holiday season. If something stressed you out last year, you have time to make changes and adjustments to help you have a more fun, relaxed and truly merry Christmas!

Start with your Family’s Christmas Wish List

First, let’s review your family’s Christmas gift/wish list. If you haven’t started one, I shared a few Christmas list freebies that you can download and print. This is not just about family gifts. These lists get you to think about school and work parties,¬† decor, food and more!

Christmas budgeting

Confession time: I have my regular October budget set up on the Every Dollar app I’ve been using (yay!), but I have not been very good at sticking to it. And that separate Christmas budget I printed out? It’s waiting to get filled up. Just in case you’re stuck on the same boat, let’s decide today (not¬†tomorrow), that we are BACK ON TRACK!

Holiday Goals: Adjustment time

This is where it gets kinda tough. We are taking time to go through our “wish lists” for this holiday season, and crunching numbers on our budget. Is reality hitting you yet, or just me? This is where we get to really sit down and set, review & adjust our holiday goals.

Do we need to cut back on the budget now or find ways to make a bit more cash? Now is the time! That’s the beauty of this 101 Days till Christmas countdown! We get a little extra time to problem solve before the holiday rush kicks in!

Hope these blog posts are helping! Share in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!

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101 Days till Christmas Day 73 Holiday Goals
101 Days till Christmas Day 73 Holiday Goals