Day 76: Christmas Money Saving Tips | 101 Days till Christmas

101 Days till Christmas Day 76 Christmas Money Saving Tips
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Let’s save some Christmas money! There are a LOT of saving tips, but I looked for SIMPLE and practical ones for this list. I mean, we only have 76 days till Christmas (and 52 days until Black Friday) so we gotta get crunching! If you want to try the Christmas Challenge with me, to be DONE with shopping on Black Friday (or Cyber Monday), this is where it starts. So let’s get to those Christmas Money Saving Tips!

Simple & Practical Christmas Money Saving Tips

I’m personally going to try (or have tried) these tips! See which ones work for you! My hope is that you can go into this holiday season with less stress (at least when it comes to money!) Can’t help you with the in-laws! lol!

1. Sell your stuff (Offer Up, Let Go, FB Marketplace, Garage Sales)

My hubby is the KING of selling stuff online! He’s usually the guy with the higher end techie gear, sound equipment, etc, so that’s always a plus. But you probably have a bunch of stuff that, if you think about it, can be someone else’s treasure! Try listing some things this weekend and make a little extra cash!

2. Switch cellphone providers

Our family did this and, I’ll be honest, the quality of our phone service went down a little. But so did our bill. And it was a significant savings. We are saving almost $700 a year by switching from Verizon to T-Mobile, which we did a few months ago. And their customer service is awesome, so we are happy with that!

3. Open a Christmas Savings Account

Have you ever done this? We usually just keep the money in our regular account, but it seems like this might be a great idea, especially if we start to sock away savings year-round! (#goal for 2020!)

4. Try Swagbucks!

Ok, I’m new to Swagbucks, but I’m intrigued! I saw a story in the news about a family that took a Disney trip on Swagbucks that the mom earned thru the site! That’s a few thousand bucks! Part of how you earn the “bucks” is by taking online surveys. I’m trying it out and will probably share in a future blog post how it goes! But if you want to check it our for yourself, here’s my Swagbucks referral code! 

5. How to save $1000 for Christmas

Of course, if I’m talking about money, I gotta throw some Dave Ramsey in here! And I love the 4 tips Dave shares on how to save $1k by Christmas. Click the link above to check them out. My favorite is #4 (get paid to take surveys!) I’m trying that with the Swagbucks I mentioned earlier.

Share YOUR Christmas Money Saving Tips!

Do you have any money saving tips that have worked for you? Please share in the comments! I’d love to hear from you … and maybe we can save even MORE this Christmas!

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