Day 82: 10 Fall Family fun ideas | 101 Days till Christmas

101 Days till Christmas Day 82 Fall Family Fun
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It’s officially October and fall is here! Have you done any fun fall activities with your family? l’ll confess that we haven’t yet, but we want to! So I’ll share some ideas here to help your family and mine plan some fun activities as we head into this fun fall season.

10 Fall Family fun ideas

See if you like any of these ideas for fall family fun.  Pick one (or more) to do with your family. And please any other fun ideas in the comments below!

1. Fall Festivals

Do a little “Google search” to find fall festivals in your area. If you’re in Central Florida, the radio station where I work has a GREAT list of Fall Festivals!

2. Pumpkin patches, Corn mazes & hayrides, oh my!

Kind of along the same lines, some fall festivals also have a pumpkin patch! Or corn mazes! Those are so fun! Plan a day to go with your family this year. And, from experience, take friends! It’s always more fun in a group!

3. Get fresh fall produce at a farmer’s market

Do a search in your area to find local farmer’s markets. We haven’t visited one in Orlando yet, so if you’re in our area, here’s a helpful list!

Farmers’ Markets in Orlando & Central Florida


4. Try a new kid-friendly fall recipe

Feel free to use some of that fall produce from the farmer’s market! Some of our favorite fall flavors include apples, sweet potatoes and, of course, PUMPKIN!

5. Plan a cozy movie night-in

Make it a little extra fall-ish with some caramel popcorn, and maybe some hot apple cider! And I’ll of course suggest our favorite fall movies: It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown & A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

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6. Take a fall hike

Since we’re still new to this area, I asked around and got a great recommendation for a local national park to visit! We enjoyed hiking trails back in Houston and I’m excited to find new ones to try as a family here in Florida!

7. Invite friends over for fall crafting!

My daughter and her bestie did this super cute and simple “How to Train Your Dragon” DIY craft and it would look perfect with fall decor!

8. Enjoy a caramel apple!

My kids (and hubby) recently discovered a LOVE for caramel apples … especially certain Mickey-shaped ones at Disney Springs! We may need to plan another visit soon!

9. Run a 5k race together!

Bonus —  in the fall, sometimes you get cooler mornings! (here in Central Florida that’s a BIG sometimes…lol! But we do get them!)

10. Unplug for a day

Feel free to combine this one with any of the ideas above. For example, unplug and go run a race! Then, enjoy a post-race caramel apple! HA! You get the idea!

Enjoy ALL the Fall Family Fun!

Let’s make fall a little more about family time and a little less about running around busy. We are following the 101 Days till Christmas countdown, so there’s no need to stress! 😉

Laughing (and enjoying fall family fun) thru life,


101 Days till Christmas Day 82 Fall Family Fun