Day 88: Would YOU Take the Christmas Challenge? | 101 Days till Christmas

101 Days till Christmas Day 88 Christmas Challenge
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Have you ever been ready for Christmas by Black Friday? Like “everything is done” ready? That sounds straight up impossible in my world of never-ending to do lists, kids activities & full time job! I typically need every spare minute up thru Christmas EVE in order to be ready for Christmas. But isn’t that super stressful? I’ll admit I enjoy some of the thrill of getting all the things done in a frenzy, but I’m pretty sure my family doesn’t enjoy it when I get GRINCHY in the process. That’s where this Christmas Challenge comes in!

What is the Christmas Challenge?

I was challenged recently when I found an awesome Christmas blog post by Ryan from The Inspired Holiday. She mentioned the “insane to me” notion that a person could potentially be ready for Christmas by Black Friday.

“Once Black Friday hits, I want to be ready to enjoy the holidays with my family.” ~Ryan

I had to read that again. My brain can’t really comprehend that level of organization. I’m such a “leave it to the last possible minute procrastinator!” And I even got upset one year when my mother in law wrapped almost all the gifts BEFORE Christmas Eve, not realizing that I considered that one of my cherished holiday traditions. That might sound funny now, but I was actually upset! If I’m honest, however …

 … that quote from Ryan is my Christmas wish for this holiday season. 

And I LOVE that I came across the Christmas Challenge as I’m doing this 101 Days till Christmas Countdown here on the blog!

Because there are some things we can do now, 88 days away from Christmas, to, as Mariah would sing, “make that wish come true!”

I’m kind of surprised myself because I share some of those things right here on the blog!

  • Holiday / Christmas Planning (Got you covered with FREE printables and ready-made planners you can buy!
  • Self care (to avoid stress and burnout)
  • Create a Family Master Plan (to help you focus on the things you’ll really enjoy.)
    • (watch for an upcoming blog post with my favorite tool for that!)
  • …and more!

So, are you in? Will you attempt the Christmas challenge to be ready for Christmas by Black Friday?

Let me know in the comments below!

Laughing (and planning ) thru life,


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