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101 Days till Christmas - More Christmas Planners Day 90
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Have you started planning for the holidays yet? If you are, great! And if you’re not, that’s still great because you have plenty of time! And I’m sharing more Christmas planner options, to help you out! This blog post is part of my¬†101 Days till Christmas Countdown, And the idea is to both look forward to and plan ahead for Christmas, so we can REALLY enjoy the upcoming Holiday season!

I was telling a friend yesterday that I’m doing this countdown for me, as much as I hope it’ll help YOU! I absolutely LOVE the Christmas season (and all these fun days leading up to it!) And I also know that when you’re crunched for time and/or money, the kids get more of a “Grinch” than a “happy Christmas mom.”

This year, I want to be less Grinchy and more ELF! So my hope is that, with this countdown, and the Christmas planner options we’ll check out today, we’ll be able to plan for the BEST Christmas season yet!

Tell me more about this 101 Days till Christmas Countdown

In case you’ve missed any of the previous posts, so far, I have shared links to FREE Christmas printables, so you can create your own planner. I’ve shared tips for self care this fall season (so we’re less stressed with all the TO DOs on our lists!) And I’ve been doing fun IGTV videos that you can find on my Instagram @Coppeliamarie!

And there’s more coming, like today’s Christmas planner options! I’m so excited to continue counting down the 101 (now 90) days till Christmas!

For today, just in case you’re not a big DIY kind of person, that’s totally cool! (I’m not either!) So, I’m thankful for people who have designed and created ready-to-use Christmas planners that we can buy. I rounded up a few Christmas planner options that I found on Amazon to help us as we get ready for the MOST wonderful time of the year!

Check out these festive Christmas Planner options!

See if you find one you like! And if you have a personal favorite that didn’t make the list, let me know in the comments!

(Note: these are my Amazon affiliate links, so if you choose to buy one, I may get a small commission at no extra cost to you!)



I already got my FREE Christmas printables, but I’m REALLY thinking about getting one of these cute planners! Let me know if you end up getting one & let’s plan the holidays together!

Laughing (and planning) thru life,


101 Days till Christmas Day 90 Pick a Christmas planner pin
101 Days till Christmas Day 90 Pick a Christmas planner pin