Day 93: Self care ideas for FALL! | 101 Days till Christmas!

101 Days till Christmas Day 93 Self Care ideas for fall
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Happy First Day of FALL!!!! This week in Orlando, FL, the forecast says we’ll have a few mornings in the 60s! I’m in HEAVEN! And whether or not you love fall (and the impending holiday season) as much as I do, this is a great time of the year to focus on self care. We are busy people! Pretty much everyone I know finds it hard to make time for self care. But there are a lot of great fall-inspired ideas to help us take good care of ourselves.

Check out these self care ideas for fall!

You can put a few of these on your calendar, or brainstorm some of your own!

1) Pick out a new cozy blanket

If you’re budget-conscious, you don’t have to go out and buy a new cozy fall blanket. It can be that blanket you forgot you had in the back of the linen closet. Like my daughter, you might have a hidden gem at home already and just not know it. She recently re-discovered a blanket that she hadn’t used because it was (ugh, pink, mom!) But, while she loudly protests the color, she loves how fuzzy it is!

2) Read a book

I’m finishing “Have a new teenager by Friday” and just started “Guilt-free Motherhood.” For me, reading is a luxury that I seldom have time for. So sneaking a few minutes to read here and there have been giving me LIFE!

3) Try a new tea

My go-to teas include chamomile, mint and, on occasion, throat coat (but only if I’m hoarse or sick). Recently, though, I’ve seen a lot of friends sharing about sleepytime tea. And I’m intrigued by chai (haven’t really given it a try yet.) Oh, and I saw a pin about “London Fog” that intrigued me, too! So many teas to try this fall!

4) Healthy self care ideas for fall: Go for a walk!

Did I mention that a few mornings in Florida were going to be in the 60s?! That almost deserves a light jacket! And it’s a great excuse to go for a walk. If you have a dog like our Ella, they’ll love joining you!

5) Listen to a podcast

Share your favorites in the comments below! These are tied for my favorite (I can’t pick! lol!):

6) Journal

Sometimes a girl just needs to sit in a comfy chair and just pour her thoughts out on paper. It’s so therapeutic.

7) Fun self care ideas for fall: plan coffee, brunch or a girls night out!

The key to this being self care is not just saying “oh yeah, I have to do this,” but to actually DO IT! (That was my note to self.) 😉

8) Listen to music

When was the last time you sat down to just listen to music? Not listen while you do laundry or while you cook — just sit and listen. Yeah, it’s been a while for me, too. But one of my all-time favorite bands, Keane, just released a new album, so guess what I’m going to do for self care this week? You guessed it! 😉

9) Try meditations on the Abide app

If you haven’t tried the Abide app, get it tonight! I absolutely love it! And I use the free version. Maybe one day I’ll upgrade. But it’s been such a great resource, just to help me slow down before falling asleep. There’s something soothing about the way they share prayers and thoughts to help you meditate on the truths we find in God’s word, the Bible. It’s a great way to get a little spiritual self care in our repertoire.

10) The ultimate self care idea for fall: R.E.S.T.

I love that R.E.S.T. can stand for Restore, Energize, Sit and Trust. That seems like the perfect exercise in self care.

  • Restore

    • Restore means to “bring back to a former condition,” renovate and repair. Isn’t that what we need at the end of a busy week? Take 30 minutes (or whatever time you need) to rest, enjoy a facial, soak in the tub, lounge in your own bed and just give yourself time to renovate and repair.
  • Energize

    • What “Energizes” you? As an introvert, I feel energized after spending some quality “alone time.” Extroverts tend to feel energized when they’re surrounded by people. Whatever energizes YOU, plan to do it!
  • Sit

    • Oh, this is so ridiculously hard sometimes. Is there a mom anywhere who can just “sit” and do nothing?! It’s hard with a family, job, pets, chores, etc … But sometimes, all you truly need is a few minutes to sit. Sit in silence. Catch your breath. Hug your babies. Pet your dog. And just sit.
  • Trust

    • For me, as a Christian, I know in theory that I can “trust in the Lord with all my heart … and He will make my paths straight.” But sometimes it’s hard to “TRUST” in the middle of every day life. When I get worried about finances, I’m forgetting to trust that God is my ultimate provider. When I worry about whether or not I’m being a good wife or mom, I’m not trusting that God is taking care of the big picture because I’m focusing on the little nuisances of daily life. I believe my own self care will improve the more I choose to trust that God truly loves me and is in control. If I could let go and trust Him fully, I’m sure a lot of the burdens and stress I carry daily will start to melt away.

If you have any self-care ideas, I’d love to hear them! Please share in the comments below! We’ll hopefully have plenty of time to try these ideas thoughout the fall season.

Laughing (and taking care of myself) thru life,


101 Days till Christmas Day 93 Self Care Ideas for Fall pin
101 Days till Christmas Day 93 Self Care Ideas for Fall pin

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