Day 96: It’s 9 weeks till Black Friday! | 101 Days till Christmas

101 Days of Christmas | Day 96: 9 weeks till Black Friday
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Happy Friday! So, you know how it was the middle of July, like, a minute ago? July 19 was exactly 9 weeks ago. And just like that, we’ll blink and it will be Black Friday! I don’t know if you’re a big shopper or if you’re more of a Cyber Monday online shopper (like me). Regardless, we have some planning to do!

9 things to do to prepare for Black Friday in 9 weeks!

1. Don’t panic!

Haha! Thankfully, this one is easy.Yes, 9 weeks go by fast, but we also have a bit of time to plan ahead and make sure we don’t miss any great sales!

2. Print out a budget.

I have a few helpful links for Christmas planners with budget worksheets here. 

3. Create your master gift list.

No, you don’t have to give (or make) a gift for ERRRYYYYONE! But there are a few people that we may want to buy for this Christmas. Make your list, check it twice … and budget for it!

4. Research

This can actually be fun! Do a little research ahead of time to find the deals you REALLY want.

5. Ask friends

Everything is more fun with friends … so plan to hit some sales with a group! You can even plan to divide and conquer together! You can also swap savvy tips with friends! A few Christmases ago, my friend Dawn shared Ebates with me (it’s now Rakuten). And when you plan to spend more than normal (like during Back to School and Christmas), those cash back rebate checks you can get from sites like Ebates (Rakuten) can be pretty nice!

6. Put a halfway point reminder on your calendar to check your progress.

This is so important! I’m the queen of good intentions. So if you’re like me, let’s put a reminder on our calendar, maybe even for a monthly check up, to make sure we’re on track with savings, etc…

7. Pace yourself (you have Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday to think about!)

And no, we don’t have to buy everything on sale . But don’t blow your budget on Friday if you want to support small businesses, order everything online and have it shipped to your house, and support causes that are near to your heart (all within a 4 day period!)

8. Don’t go crazy / Don’t go into debt.

This one goes without saying. We want to do it all and buy it all … but if we can’t afford it, let’s just say no.

9. The week before Black Friday, make sure Thanksgiving plans are confirmed and all set so you can enjoy the fun … with less stress!

Exactly! And these next 9 weeks till Black Friday will fly by! Let’s enjoy them, plan ahead, save money and make time to truly savor the holiday season (and have fun shopping some great deals!)

Laughing (and planning to shop Black Friday WISELY) thru life,


101 Days till Christmas | Day 96: 9 weeks till Black Friday pin
101 Days till Christmas | Day 96: 9 weeks till Black Friday pin