Day 98: How many Christmas planners are there?! | 101 Days till Christmas

101 Days till Christmas Day 98 Christmas planners
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Why didn’t anyone tell me that there are CHRISTMAS PLANNERS?! I’ve been a planner / agenda / calendar / to do list / kind of person my whole life. I have loved Franklin Covey, Day Timer planners, Target brand planners, the Brilliant Life Planner, Business Boutique’s Goal Planner (which is the one I’m currently using this  year) … and probably more than I can remember. But I’ve never really had an official, actual Christmas planner!

Christmas planners or nah?

What about you? Am I alone in this? (Let me know in the comments!)

Since I’m doing the 101 Days till Christmas countdown here on the blog, I did a little research on Christmas planners. I’m sharing a few links here below to help you find one that works for you!

And while I wouldn’t call what I had a few years ago a “Christmas planner,” I did have a binder with printables that I LOVED. I’m sharing it here with you so, if you want, you can create your own Christmas binder with these free printables from Organized Christmas. (They helped save my sanity one particularly busy year!)

5 Christmas Planners to help you plan the most wonderful time of the year!

1. My personal favorite: The Holiday printables from Organized Christmas! 

This site has a TON of helpful tips to get you started on your own customized Christmas or holiday binder/notebook. They cover it ALL — from recipe ideas to gift lists, budgets and more!


2. The Crazy Little Projects’ Free Printable Christmas Planner

  1. I love that this one includes “Dear Santa” pages you can print out for your kids! (And no, you’re never too old to write letters to Santa!) 😉

Free Printable Christmas Planner

3. Seaside Sundays’ Printable Christmas Planner 2019

I love that this planner includes lists for Black Friday and Cyber Monday planning sheets, plus an online order tracking form (brilliant!)

2022 Printable Christmas Planner


4. Kasey Trenum’s Printable Christmas Planner for a Purposeful & Peaceful Christmas!

This planner sounds like an answer to prayer! Seriously, Kasey’s planner had me at “purposeful” and “peaceful.” Yes, please.


5. The Morning Motivated Mom’s Christmas Planner

This one got me motivated to (maybe, hopefully) make good use of my time and (maybe, possibly) try to wake up earlier as we get closer to the holidays! I mean, if it’ll help us GIT ER DONE … it’ll all be worth it to NOT hit the snooze button. A “night owl” can dream, right? 😉

Christmas Planner


Do you have a favorite? Or another one that didn’t make this list? Let me know in the comments!

Laughing (and planning for Christmas) thru life,


101 Days till Christmas Day 98 Christmas Planners pin
101 Days till Christmas Day 98 Christmas Planners

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