ChristmasDisneydreams come truelife

Disney, Andrea Bocelli & dreams coming true

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What a night! I really feel #hashtag #blessed by God!!! 

We finally decorated the tree, so our living room is twinkling, merry & bright. 

The kids had fun, which always makes things better. 🙂
And just as my hubby comes up with a grin & a Disney packet, which makes our upcoming vacation seem more tangible … just at that moment (I’m not kidding) my phone beeps. 
It’s a reminder that we are going to see Andrea Bocelli tomorrow … something I have dreamed of for years!!!
Adam gave me the Bocelli tickets as a Mother’s Day gift … he knows me so well! It’s like a double celebration: the anticipation (since May!) and now the concert! Aaahhhh!

Lord, on nights like this one, with my heart up in the clouds, dancing & twirling & giddy like a little girl, I just have to say Thank You. ❤️
James 1:17
“Every good & perfect gift comes from above, from the Father of heavenly lights… He never changes…”
Amazed, excited, sparkling & twinkling,
Coppelia ❤️