Easy Valentine’s Treats for Your Family! | 28 Day Challenge to Fill Your Home with Love

Easy Valentine's Treats
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Welcome to the 28 Day Challenge to Fill Your Home with Love! You can start the journey here. Or jump right in with this fun post today! Even if you don’t think you have time to make Easy Valentine’s Treats for you family, check it out. you might be surprised!

Your Day 4 Challenge is to share Easy Valentine’s Treats with Your Family!

Yes, tangible little treats can make a difference in the atmosphere of our home. And what better time than Valentine’s to find an excuse to fill our homes with little treats!

Your home is such an important place. It’s awesome when home is the place where you feel loved and welcomed. But you may dread coming home because of chores, clutter, or on the other side of the spectrum, bickering and fighting. Here on the blog, I’m inviting you to join me on this 28 Day Challenge to Fill Your Home with Love to see if we can change that.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”The more we fill our homes with love, the less room we have for clutter, fighting and other stuff we don’t want!” quote=”The more we fill our homes with love, the less room we have for clutter, fighting and other stuff we don’t want!”]

Every day we have a choice. We treat our family, the people closest to us, with love or we don’t. Either we fill our home with love, or we let other things take over and push love out. That is “no bueno.”

Do we “treat” our family with love? Or are we too busy?

I’m being honest with you here on this 28 Day Challenge. And way too often, “I’m busy” is my anthem. My daughter last night was sitting on the couch, waiting for me to untangle her hair while I finished some work on my computer. My husband said, don’t worry, I’ll do her hair. Which was very sweet of him! But I really wanted to. So we bickered a little about that. We bickered some more and continued working on our computers. Next thing I knew, she was walking herself up the stairs. I looked up and promised myself I’d follow her up “as soon as I finished this last thing.”

So I finished that thing. Went upstairs. And my poor baby girl was asleep already.

Pass me that hot mug of mom guilt again.


I tucked her in and checked on big brother. I prayed for them and tried to not feel too guilty for not being more available. But I didn’t want to leave it there. Guilt does nothing. Feeling bad doesn’t help, but deciding to fill our homes with love DOES! So, let’s do it!

Mom on her phone
“Look up more” is on my 2019 Goal List.

Which brings us to today’s challenge: Easy Valentine’s Treats!

If we want to Fill our Homes With Love, it probably won’t happen overnight or accidentally. We need to plan it. Put it on the calendar. Think about it, but also DO it!

So, because I figured I’m not the only one who’s busy and has these things happen (ugh!), we’re keeping the focus on EASY. And because here on this blog we’re #LaughingThruLife, we’re also making this FUN!

And, hey, why not make it super affordable, too? These are things you can easily find at a dollar store or the next time you go grocery shopping, without spending too much.

Easy Valentine’s Treats for your family!

  • Candy mug!

    • Fill up a mug you already own (or buy a cute Valentine’s one) with each family member’s favorite candy! My hubby loves sixlets (which I usually find at Party City!) My son is not a big candy guy, so I may go with granola bars that he loves. And my daughter loves marshmallows! You get the idea! Simple and sweet!
  • Heart shaped pancakes

    • Get a heart-shaped cookie cutter and make pancakes like you normally do, but then use the cookie cutter to serve cute pancake hearts!
    • My kids love this recipe for whole wheat pancakes from 100 Days of Real Food. Just make them and cute them into hearts with the little cookie cutter!

100 Days of Real Food Whole Wheat pancakes

  • You’re Berry-Loved Fruit Salad or Mini Berry Kabobs

    • My kids love berries! So another easy Valentine’s Treat is to fill a bowl or plate with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries! (Extra points if it’s heart shaped!)
    • One way to add some Valentine’s cuteness is to find cupcake toppers or decorative toothpicks and make little berry kabobs! Just stick a strawberry, raspberry and blueberry on the stick and serve! Yummy, cute and healthy!
  • Heart-shaped sandwiches

    • You can use the heart-shaped cookie cutter here, too!
  • Ice Cream Night!

    • We’re fans (minus my hubby) of Baskin Robbins! During Valentine’s season they usually have my favorite flavor: Love Potion #31! So an easy Valentine’s Treat is to go out for Ice Cream! But you can just as easily have Ice Cream Night at home!
Allergy Alert: Can I Eat That, Mommy?
Even with food allergies, we make ice cream night fun! You just have to check the ingredients carefully … or make it yourself!

Simple, right?

We are all busy to different degrees. But I, for one, can’t wait to pick one of these Easy Valentine’s Treats and hopefully surprise my family (unless they read the blog before they get their treat! lol!)

Laughing (and sharing Valentine’s) thru life,


P.S. If you haven’t signed up for the 28 Day Challenge to Fill Your Home with Love, here’s the link!

5 thoughts on “Easy Valentine’s Treats for Your Family! | 28 Day Challenge to Fill Your Home with Love

  1. What great ideas. I love the mug idea and could easily use this for all sorts of holidays. Or, because I have a bunch of them, I could use Mason jars for the treats.

  2. I can so relate to the mom guilt but I love the way you handled — to keep moving forward to fill your home with love. I think I’ll try your mug idea and the berry kabobs.

    1. Thank you, Hulda! I was just buying berries yesterday and digging out some cupcake toppers to try to use as sticks for the mini kabobs!

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