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Happy Wear Red Day!

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Today I am celebrating the American Heart Association’s Wear Red Day!! 

Actually, the celebration started last night. I emcee’d a gala, wearing a red dress…on purpose, of course! It was Wear Red Day Eve! 

I love the story behind the red dress. I had walked into Macy’s (thanks for the gift card, Mom), to find a dress for the gala. I literally prayed that God would help me find the right dress. Just like Queen Esther in the Bible needed royal clothes to do the job she was called to do, I needed a cute dress to do what I had been called to do at the gala. 😉

The super nice lady at the Macy’s counter pointed me in the right direction & told me about Macy’s Wear Red Day campaign. If you buy a red dress pin, you get 25% off. Almost immediately, I spotted some really cute red dresses & off to the dressing room I went. 

In about 1 hour, I was celebrating Wear Red Day early! I found a red dress, it was on sale + 25% off, and it fit great because I’ve been losing weight! The celebration had begun!!

That’s me in red with my new friends, Michael & Lyndsey, and guest speaker, Lee Strobel at the Young Life gala last night. 

And today, I’m still celebrating! 

I’m celebrating by wearing my 1/2 marathon Run Disney shirt!!! That’s my Christopher, wearing red, too! I still can’t believe I ran 13.2 miles at the Happiest Place on Earth! 


Since Wear Red Day is about heart health, I’m happy to say, even though I’m not currently training for a race, I work out regularly with Loganitus Bootcamp. I love working out!

But wait, there’s more to celebrate!

I’m also celebrating that this week, when I stepped on the scale, I was down another pound. YES!! That’s 11 pounds down, just 20 more to get to my goal! I’m on my way!

Maybe most importantly, I’m celebrating improvements in my blood pressure. My mom started taking bp meds in her 30s. Unfortunately, so did I. I had gestational hypertension with my 1st pregnancy. During my 2nd pregnancy, I worked out more regularly and my blood pressure was normal (yes!). But then it spiked pretty high during labor. After that, my bp kept inching up, and I ignored it until a hospital scare set me straight. I reluctantly admitted that the bp meds’ risks were probably better than risking heart disease ending my life early.

I want to be here for my hubby & kids for as long as God blesses us with life. 

Hopefully, it’s a very long time.

So those blood pressure improvements (115/65 is my new normal) are HUGE for me! I can’t wait to get off those meds!!!

Finally, I’m celebrating what is probably making the biggest difference in my health: I quit my job. It was the right decision. I’m sleeping better. My stress level is much, much lower. And faith in God is a huge part of my story. I truly believe God is guiding me into a new season, healthy, happy & whole. 

Join me and #GoRedWearRed. Do something today for you, your family and the women you love. 


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