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How we went from empty fridge post-vacation to the Best Dinner Ever! 

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We were starving when we landed at Houston’s Bush International Airport. And our family of four was seated in the very last row of the plane. At least it was easy during the flight for the kids to take potty breaks right behind our seats! But it was probably going to take for-e-ver for us to get off that plane & get some lunch.

Earlier that morning, at 4 am Puerto Rico time, we woke up, finished packing & headed to the San Juan International Airport. We rejoiced at the sight of El Mesón, where we scarfed down the last Mallorca (my 10 year old’s favorite puertorrican pastry). We were incredibly grateful that it was open that early. ¡Gracias!

The TSA lady at the front of the security line scared the explosives out of us when she said the line was taking an hour and a half!

We had 40 minutes to boarding time! Are we going to make it? I’ve never missed a flight! EVER!

I may have had people in that security line looking at me like, why is she mumbling to herself so intently? I literally started praying! And I mustered up all the faith I could and told my hubby & kids that we’ve never missed a flight and we were not about to miss this one! Help me pray, guys!

Thank God, He answered our prayers and the line started moving so fast, we made it through the gate with enough time to buy some souvenirs! Sweet!

I’m not sure we were thinking straight at that point because we bought souvenirs, but not snacks. The plane only served drinks, not food. Yikes! That means by the time we landed we were famished.

It’s never a good idea to go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. We were beyond hungry at that point. But I have to say thank you to HEB. (By the way, they’re not paying me to say this. I don’t have an affiliate link or anything. I’m just a grateful, hungry mom!)

Not only did HEB make it easy for us to figure out dinner for that night (hello, Combo Loco deals!) The kids thought it tasted like Pei Wei!

I could not believe how easy we went from empty fridge after our 10-day trip, to the Best Dinner Ever! (We ended up going back shortly and buying the same meal again!)

In case you were curious, we did our own Chicken Teriyaki with brown rice (similar to this recipe), using these ingredients:

HEB Teriyaki Stir Fry Kit

1 package of chicken breasts or fillets

HEB Brown Rice

Season to taste

(And since it was a “combo loco” deal, they threw in some Lemon Iced Tea.)

It looked great & tasted even better. #DinnerSuccess!