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I’m excited! I’m blogging again!

Allyson (age 4), interrupts. “Mommy?”

ย Yes.

“When are we going to do my homework here (on the computer where I’m blogging?)

As soon as Mommy is done with her blog. OK?


Back to the blog. I’m excited to officially embark on a new blogging adventure! YES!

A few years ago, I created an Air 1 Morning Show Blog, and then took care of the Air 1 music blog, while I was a DJ at that radio network. When I moved to Houston to work at KSBJ Radio, where I am now, I stopped blogging, but I got pretty involved in the radio station’s social media team.

Then, I went to a Bloggers Conference a few months ago that got me excited to blog again! I have so many ideas to share! I love what some of my blogger friends are doing, so …

“Mommy, I’m done.” (Puts trash in the trash can & puts cup in the sink.)

Baby, I’m so proud of you for picking up after yourself!

“Mommy, can I sit on your lap?”

Yes. (Now, Allyson is on my lap.) ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok, back to my blogger friends! I love what Stephanie Click (known as the Houston Money Mom on KSBJ) is doing with her site, and what Vicki Powers shares on Houston on the Cheap. And what I love is that what each of us bring to the table is different!

I am looking forward to sharing on this blog a little about my life as a puertorrican living in the states (blending my latina roots with the American dream). I’ll share a little about my faith, working as a Christian radio station DJ, and singing at my church. I’ll share about my family life (especially juggling the working mom balance thingy). And any other fun stuff that rocks my boat. Like Zumba. And my occassional involvement as a Community Theatre STAR! lol ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, and my singing gigs in prison. That’s a whole other blog post!

I’m excited! Blog you soon!