My puertorrican grandma: Mamín

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One of the things I always look forward to when we visit Puerto Rico is seeing my Abuela, my grandma. We call her Mamín. And Mamín ROCKS! She is one of the spunkiest, most fun 80-something year old woman you’ll ever meet! And we love getting hangout time with my favorite cousin, Joshua, too!


I always loved how, growing up, she was the cool grandma that always had something sweet, usually chocolatey, in her fridge (Whitman’s made regular appearances). Mamín took us to the mall many Saturday mornings and that usually included going to the movies and lunch at Ponderosa’s.

Mamín was the grandma who took me on my first Disney trip when I was 5. The year I turned 10, and my sister was 7, she took both of us back and we had a BLAST! That may have been the beginning of a life-long love affair with all things Disney for our family. My sister is currently “Livin’ La Vida Disney” as she calls it … literally, living in Orlando, FL and enjoying (I mean squeezing every possible second of fun out of) her Annual Pass!

I love that my kids, Chris who is now 10, and Allyson, who’s 6, are getting to enjoy Mamín almost as much as I did. Since we live in Houston, Texas, and she’s still in Puerto Rico, we don’t get to see her as often as I did growing up. But they don’t have an awkward “I never see you and I don’t really know who you are” relationship. They have a pretty good one! If we say we’re going to see Abuela Mamín, they know who she is and they’re excited that we’ll get to see her!

And of course, since grandparents and especially great-grandparents love to spoil their grandkids and great-grandkids, my two kiddos love it when Abuela Mamín says she has a little something for them.

This last time, it was football cards and a giant squishy Tsum Tsum Mickey Mouse. Of course. Because that Disney connection has to be passed to the next generation.

We love you, Mamín!

~Coppelia Marie (and the rest of the fam!)