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Reflecting on Our Anniversary: 13 years and Counting! 

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I still remember vividly the day I said “I do” to the love of my life, Adam! 

It was 13 years ago this month, January 24th, 2004 to be exact. 
I felt like a princess about to marry her prince, when the white limo picked me up at my parent’s house. What a dream! 

We cut areas in our wedding budget so we could afford that white limo that  whisked my family to the ceremony at a beautiful, timeless chapel, about a block from the beach near Ocean Park, Puerto Rico.

(This is the part where I remember I still need to organize & upload my wedding photos! I still have prints & CDs!)

I do remember that we took this photo right before getting in the limo (my mom texted it earlier this week!) 

Beautiful Mother & sister of the bride with the bride at home in Puerto Rico.
My mom Camille, sister Emille & me!

I honestly felt like a princess about to step into her happily ever after! 

Growing up, we couldn’t afford a lot of nice things. When the time finally came to go shopping for my Dream Cinderella ball gown, with the sparkly tiara and gorgeous choker, I could hardly believe it was all happening (and I definitely could not believe we could afford it!) 

It was a huge blessing to see how God provided for every single detail: from my dream bridal look to our ceremony and reception. He even provided an aunt & uncle who happened to be wedding coordinators/florists and we were able to work out our budget with them! Amazing! 

On our wedding day, I remember arriving at the church and waiting in the limo for what seemed like forever (it was probably 10 minutes), but I was SO ready to get married!!! And go on our HONEYMOON to DISNEY WORLD!!! Oh yeah, and do our reception before that! 

But yeah, I thought, let’s DO THIS!!! 

Finally, ten loooong minutes later (or so), I got out and walked to the beautiful wooden doors that led to the chapel. I stood there with my dad, smiling like an idiot (me, not my dad), although he was smiling, too! 

I was waiting, holding my breath, excited and ready to become Mrs. Adam Acevedo.

We were getting married in Puerto Rico, so I was about to become “la Sra. Adam Acevedo!” 😉

As my dad walked me down the aisle that day, I remember I couldn’t stop smiling (again, like an idiot.) I was SO freaking happy!!! I had dreamed of this moment forever!!! Actually, it also seemed like Adam & I had been dating forever! (We’d been dating 2, almost 3 years.)

This was the moment we had been planning for 13 looooong months (ha!), after pouring over all the Bride magazines and theknot.com website (the best one back then!); after shopping around for reception venues & picking out flowers & favors; after the bridal shower & rehearsal dinner … 

This. Was. It.

And there he was.

The man I said “Yes” to when he “finally” asked. 😉

The man who put up with me and stuck by my side, proving time and again that he really was my knight in shining armor, the one God had sent to be my beloved. 

I was ready to become his beloved. And it was time.

Our ceremony was everything I dreamed and more. Our pastor, Daryle Parker, knew us well. He made us laugh and truly made it the ceremony of our dreams! 

My brother & sister surprised me by singing “The Prayer.” Totally made me cry! 

Adam and I took communion together. 

And probably my favorite moment of all was when a group of friends, who all happened to be pastors, formed a circle around us, prayed over us and blessed our marriage.

I really believe God answered that prayer of blessing over our marriage.

I don’t think there’s another way to explain how Adam & I have made it through the past 13 years of: 

-moves from Puerto Rico to California to Texas!

-two benign brain tumors (2004 & 2016) and HEALING from both! PRAISE GOD!!!

-two kids, recovering from a c-section and learning to breastfeed (all of which was WAY harder than we ever expected.)

-job changes (I did radio — change is normal!)

-Disney trips! Prison ministry! Theatre shows! Bootcamp (Thanks, Logan!) Launching a blog! Writing a book! Coaching football! And SO much more! 

I look back at these amazing 13 years and just have to stop and thank God.

I thank him for how he has gotten us through the hard times. (And how He always surrounded us with amazing people, especially because we have lived far from family.)

I thank Him for how He spoke to us through a chapter in the Bible, Deuteronomy 7, and how we have seen pretty much all of those blessings come true in our lives. So thankful! 

I especially thank Him for blessing us as parents with our son Christopher and our daughter Allyson. We are beyond blessed.

And, especially after how insane last year was with brain tumor surgery, quitting my job, starting new projects, and seeing God provide miraculously for a car and a Disney trip (after our budget had roughly a $40,000 loss), I can only say, thank you, God. 

No, really, THANK YOU, GOD!

Thank you for 13 amazing years of marriage with the love of my life, Adam! Thank you for creating him and bringing him into my life. Thank you for healing him and strengthening him. Thank you for giving him so much blessing and favor in all areas of his life, especially as a husband and father. 

And Lord, as I thank you, I also ask that you would bless Adam and bless our marriage for many, many, many more years! 

Laughing (and loving my hubby) thru life, 


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