Say Yes | 28 Day Challenge to Fill Your Home with Love

Say Yes 28 Day Challenge
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Could we fill our homes with more love just by switching out one little word? If you’re saying NO 99% of the time to everything your family asks, changing that word to “yes” every so often could make a huge difference. And just in case, I’m preaching to the choir here. 😉

  • Mom, can you play? No. (I’m too busy working, doing laundry, taking out the dog, etc…)
  • Honey, can we “play” (lol!)? No. (I’m too tired, have a headache, haven’t shaved, etc…)
  • *dog barks* No! Ok, fine, yes, Ella, I’ll give you one more treat, but that’s it for today!

We might not realize how often we say “No.” I honestly hadn’t thought about it until this 28 day challenge to fill our homes with love. What I have been thinking about is how my oldest just turned 13 and in a few short years he’ll graduate high school. I want every breath of every moment with him (and younger sister, too, of course) to count! I want them to grow up in a home full of love!

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And if you have been following along, I’m so glad! Today we complete week 1 of the challenge … and it’s one of those that is really making me think how often do I say “yes?”

Your Day 7 Challenge is to Say Yes … to your family.

If I’m honest, our home has just been one big “No” after another. So this challenge is kind of intimidating … ha! I want to just say “no” to this one (lol!) But I’m going to put it out here anyway. Today, your challenge is to say yes. Say yes to what? Well, if your hubby flirts and hints that he’d like a little love time (if you know what I mean), even if you’re tired – say yes. If the kids ask you to watch a video, help with homework, fix a snack, play a game, show you something, but you’re busy? Say yes. (This was inspired by an article on 10 ways to love your child from 

[click_to_tweet tweet=”I want to say yes (more often than no) when my family needs me. ” quote=”I want to say yes when my family needs me more often than I say no. “]

Now, “don’t” get me wrong. Saying “NO” is very important.

  • No, you can’t watch TV until after you finished your homework.
  • No, I don’t want you riding the bike without a helmet.
  • No, you can’t go to that party where we know there will be drugs and alcohol.

The challenge here is to ask ourselves if we’re just saying NO all the time and it’s become a default answer. Maybe saying “yes” will help us love our family more by:

  • being more available when they need us
  • spending more time together
  • sharing more conversations, hopes & dreams with each other!
  • truly getting to know each other better

How are YOU saying yes to your family this week? Maybe you can say “YES” to planning that (Disney?!) vacation everyone’s been asking for! LOL! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. In the meantime, let’s go say “yes” in meaningful ways! (And if you know me, y’all know Disney is always a YES! Haha!)

Kids in front of Spaceship Earth at EPCOT
Our family had a BLAST saying YES to our first Disney trip in 2015. That was the day I also completed my first half marathon at the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend with Run Disney! It was a #BucketList dream come true!

Laughing (and saying yes) thru life,


4 thoughts on “Say Yes | 28 Day Challenge to Fill Your Home with Love

  1. Yes, such a great advice. I remind myself that I can always take a 15 minute break from whatever I’m doing to say yes to my loved ones.

    1. Hulda, I love that tip! It reminds me of the Flylady’s tip to set a timer and just get things done! Especially when it comes to spending more time with our family!

  2. Great advice for the family! One of the best parts of being a grandmother is that I have more time to just play with the grandchildren. Although when my 7 year old granddaughter asked me to do sudoko with her I said that I didn’t know how that worked. She said, “Come on Grandma. We can do this together.” And so we did and I learned about this number puzzle.

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