Today’s stress relief is brought to you by the letter H.

Stress relief
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How’s your stress level today?

If you ask me, most days my answer, on a scale of 1 to 10 is between 8 and 10. Crazy!

Why do we stress out so much all the time about everything? (or is that just me?) 😉

Do YOU stress out about this?

I was thinking about this and came across a few “H words” that can affect our stress:

  • Happiness
  • Health
  • Hurry
  • Hamper (laundry stress, anyone?)
  • Humans (yep, they can cause a LOT of stress!)
  • Hummus (that one’s cuz I’m hungry)
  • Telling everyone to go to H…?
How about Hope?

Is our stress caused by a lack of “Hope?”

They say being thankful is an antidote to those feelings of stress, depression and a host of other issues.
I’m sure you and I both could sit down and write a long list of blessings. Immediately we think of people, things and experiences we’re thankful for. But what if you make a list, it’s pretty sweet, but you’re still feeling discontentment.
I’ve been there. And those times when I’m not at peace are not fun. I’ve even broken out in stress rashes on my body. Not kidding.
Have you ever felt like this? 
Back to the “H” words, the word “Hope” came up as I read the Bible, looking for God’s word to guide & comfort me.
“May the God who gives HOPE fill you with great joy.
May you have perfect peace as you trust in him.
May the power of the Holy Spirit fill you with HOPE.”
So I decided to dig a little deeper & found this great article on hope. 
I have to tell you, this really encouraged me. It’s almost like God was saying, if you surrender to me, I will fill you with the hope that brings joy and peace, and I WILL get you through this.
I wanted to keep this short and sweet because when you’re stressed out, ain’t nobody got time for long blog posts! 😉 But I do want to pray for you before you go.

A Prayer for YOU:

Thank you, Lord, my Father, for filling me with the life-giving, life-changing hope that I had been missing. Please do that for my friend reading this today who needs a little less stress and a little more hope. Thanks!
❤️ ~Coppe
Stress relief