#UnprocessingMe Day 1: I took one sip

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I’m celebrating Baby Steps today. This month, I’m challenging myself to eat as “clean” and unprocessed real food as I can.

It’s part of the #Unprocessed October challenge at, with inspiration from 100 Days of Real Food, plus accountability & support from Weight Watchers.

Breakfast was great! Oatmeal at Starbucks with dried fruit & nuts, plus a tall iced caffe latte, with a light sprinkle of the brown sugar that came with the oatmeal. Delicious!

I woke up with a scratchy throat and stuffy nose that had started the night before, so I added some salt water gargles to the breakfast menu. 

I’m hoping the extra water I’m drinking will help flush whatever this is: a cold, allergies, whatever.

I had a fruit salad from Chick fil A, plus vegetable rice, grilled chicken & red beans for lunch. No soda! Wow! (That’s big for me!)

After that, let’s say I could’ve done better. I had 1/2 a chocolate chip cookie and an iced raspberry mocha with nonfat milk for an “afternoon snack.”

Dinner was 1/2 an order of small waffle fries, grilled nuggets and a Coke. But after I ordered thst coke, I regretted it.

It sat in the car cup holder for a good portion of the ride home. Then, I took a sip. And decided it just wasn’t worth it. So I got home & dumped it out in the sink.

I’m hoping I’ll remember next time so I don’t waste all that Coke. Water for me, please. (I’m practicing.) 

We’ll keep making healthy changes & getting better every day.

I’m looking forward to it.