#UnprocessingMe Day 11: Getting back on track!

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Woohoo! I made some good choices today! 

Even though yesterday was kind of a train-wreck (not-the-best food choices, discouraging comments about my appearance & just a general desire to just give up and live a life sustained by pizza slices), somehow today I managed to get up on the right side of the bed!

The first good choice was ordering a healthier breakfast than what I normally get at Starbucks: an unsweetened latte with a turkey bacon sandwich. 

For both lunch and dinner, we ended up getting Mexican food. I skipped the tortilla and opted for a burrito bowl. And later enjoyed a chicken broth with white meat & avocado slices. 

It would’ve been awesome to tell you I skipped the soda and dessert, but I didn’t.

Still, I kept the serving sizes to small/mini, which I normally do. 

Next on the list: continue celebrating the great choices, work on eliminating those sodas, and opt for healthier treats.

Trucking on,