#UnprocessingMe Day 4: Water

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Whenever I’ve shared my journey to eat healthier and quit soda, a lot of people respond with “Pshaw! I don’t drink that horrible stuff!” It’s great that they’ve sworn it off. 

Not me.

Even though I’ve heard all about soda’s evils a million times, it’s been a hard habit to break. I’m strictly a regular Coke/Pepsi girl. Honestly, either one will do.

Diet-anything makes me gag. I think it’s because my mom instilled a healthy hatred of artificial sweeteners in me at a young age. At least we can check that particular “evil” off the list!

So, now I’m working on ditching soda. And my biggest win yesterday was drinking water with every meal. No soda! I even skipped the decaf in the morning. And surprisingly, I didn’t get a headache. Wow!

It’s those little victories that I will keep celebrating this month.

Maybe I won’t go cold turkey and see drastic health improvements overnight. But I’m already starting to feel better. Maybe it’s just mental, but I don’t think so.

It’s health starting to bloom, even as the leaves are turning red.