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Are You Visioneering Your Life?

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“Visioneering” sounds like something out of a cool movie. 

Like “The Rocketeer!” Remember that movie?! (Was that even cool? I think Jennifer Connelly was in it so that’s pretty cool! Lol!) 

Visioneering is actually a book written by Andy Stanley to be a “Guide for Discovering and Maintaining Personal Vision.”

Stanley is an incredible pastor, author and leadership expert. I just finished reading a 7-day excerpt of the book in my YouVersion Bible App.

Life-changing stuff. 

What I read this morning left me in awe of God’s perfect timing. I’ll tell you why after this quote…
“God has placed before you opportunities and responsibilities that are brimming with divine significance. He has given you gifts, talents, and relationships that are waiting to be exploited on behalf of his kingdom. You have a multifaceted mental picture of a preferred future. You have a vision.”

Reading this left me in shock because yesterday I had a few interesting, curious things happen. One of those things was a call with a unique opportunity to use my “gifts, talents and relationships on behalf of God’s kingdom.”  


It’s amazing how God will put the right people in place and take care of all the details sometimes we don’t realize need to be taken care of at just the right time.

God again blew my mind with His vision for my life, and His care and provision for my family. 
I’m so thankful. 
Whatever visions & dreams you have, putting God first is the way to go. He’s the only “Visioneering” help you need. He’ll guide you, help you, steady you along the way and get you to that dream destination.
I can’t wait to see what God has in store next!
Laughing (and Visioneering) thru Life,