Cute & Colorful Patio Under $100!

Cute and Colorful Patio Under 100 Dollars!
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Can you create a cute and colorful little patio set up for under $100 dollars? Absolutely! Plus, it didn’t take too long to shop around (perfect for our busy life!) And as a bonus, we didn’t even need a pick up truck. It all fit in our small sedan! You’ll have to ask my hubby how he managed to put both chairs in the back!

Cute and Colorful Patio Under 100 Dollars!


We recently moved into our “Mexican Restaurant Dream Home” (haha … read the story here!) It’s been about 6 months and, since we moved from a two-bedroom apartment, we didn’t have much patio furniture to speak of. Actually, we had a couple of lawn chairs. And, never mind, whatever we had was in the garage that we lost during Hurricane Harvey flooding. So, come to think of it, we had nothing for our new patio!

Since it’s only been six months since that big home purchase, we’ve really tried to budget and do a better job with our finances (Hello, Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University!) I’ll have to share more about that journey here on the blog soon! But in the meantime, we’ve been trying to not buy everything we want and need for the house and go crazy (we already did that when we first bought a home in 2004 … but that’s another story!) This time around, we do not want to put anything on credit. The whole idea is to be DEBT FREE (eventually!)

Back to the patio in our new home, we were not spending a lot of time outside, so we figured our little patio makeover could wait.

We moved into the house right around Thanksgiving, just in time for the holidays. It was perfect timing! And this past winter was so cold it even SNOWED in Houston! Once again, we figured the patio furniture could wait until the weather warmed up a bit (which it undoubtedly would here in Southeast Texas.)

Then, we got a dog! You can Meet Ella in this YouTube video! 


Our puppy Ella at the Park!

Of course, that meant we’d be spending more time in the patio, hanging out with her, and letting her run around! As the weather started to warm up and home improvement stores brought out ALL THE SPRING AND SUMMER THINGS, we held back the impulse to spend and opted to window shop and try to find the best possible deals!

The Best Possible (Patio) Deals!

My hubby loves browsing around stores like Marshalls, Ross and TJ Maxx/Home Goods. We kept falling in love with cute patio furniture, but it was just a bit more than we wanted to spend. So we stuck to browsing and window shopping until we found something we loved that fit our “under $100 dollar” limit.

Back to another day at one of the home improvement stores, the turquoise patio chairs caught our attention. And they were under $18 dollars each! We decided we’d start small with once section of our little covered patio. Two chairs and maybe a small table would be a perfect starting point. It looked like we had just found our chairs!

Back to those “brands for less” stores, we had both fallen in love with a super cool, edgy, modern, funky looking little red table! (With turquoise chairs?! YES, please!) Was it within budget? At $29 dollars the next question was, does it all fit in our little sedan? Thankfully, the answer was YES and YES!

My hubby Adam, being the budding Fixer Upper that he is (he actually worked in interior design with his aunt and uncle, Roberto & Crucilda in Puerto Rico), decided we needed an area rug to really finish the look. And we found one for $29!

At that same store, they happened to have a small bright blue wire lamp that I thought we couldn’t pass up. We were going to pass it up because it “technically” would push us over the $100 dollar limit. But the little lamp was under $10 dollars, and I couldn’t wait to put it all together. We just decided to add that as a little extra! (But it’s totally optional!)

And the look was complete!

Patio Under $100

I’ll share similar items here (close to $100 dollars or just over), in case you’re looking for a cute, colorful and budget friendly patio makeover of your own! We were able to shop around and find everything for under $100, so check this out, but be sure to get the best possible deal for YOUR budget! The cute lantern at the end is just $2.50 (so I tried to fit any budget!) These are my Target affiliate links, so if you buy something, I may get a small commission at no extra charge to you! Click on the items you like for more info!

More Cute & Colorful Patio Ideas!


I hope you enjoy browsing the items above (even if it’s just to dream about your next patio makeover … on a budget!)

Laughing (and lounging in the patio) thru life,


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  1. I love this! I’ve been in my apartment for 15 months, & my balcony is still BARE. It has been driving me crazy, wishing I had money to fill it up with ANYTHING.. At these prices, I could buy one or two items a month & get it together. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. I’m so glad I could help! Yes! And I love that we didn’t have to shop around endlessly … cuz ain’t nobody got time for that! I hope you get a cute balcony remodel soon! 🙂

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