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How EASY do you want dinners to be for the next week? I like them to be EXTRA easy! So here’s one week of instant pot fall dinners to help you out! A few of these are already on heavy rotation at our house. And they’re kid-friendly (or at least my 13 and 9 year old approve!)

One week of Instant Pot Fall Dinners

Feel free to use these Instant Pot Fall Dinners as ideas for when you meal prep and grocery shop for next week! Some of them are already family favorites in my house. Others, I’ve been dying to try and hope to soon!

Monday: Instant Pot Egg Roll Bowls from the I don’t have time for that blog!

This is requested about once a week in our home: Instant Pot Egg Rolls in a Bowl with wonton chips!

Tuesday: Instant Pot Meatball Pasta Dinner

I LOVE making this, except for that one time I tried to make it for my brother in law, nephew & niece when my sister was out of town (and the pasta didn’t cook thru!) OOPS! This is the recipe that, for me, makes the Instant Pot SO worth it! You literally dump frozen meatballs, a box of pasta, a jar of sauce (maybe add liquid and crushed tomatoes) … and DONE! It’s ridiculous how easy this is to make! (Just make thru the pasta is cooked thru! If not, leave it in a bit longer!)

Wednesday: Instant Pot Salsa Chicken with lime and black beans from The Foodie Eats

We’ve tried this a few times with different jars of salsa (especially ones that have corn and black beans and it turns out AMAZING every time … even with frozen chicken! It’s a must try!

Thursday: Instant Pot Chicken Tikka Masala from Eating Instantly

This is right up my hubby’s food alley! Its one of the recipes on this list that we haven’t tried yet, but can’t wait!

Friday: Instant Pot Chicken Teriyaki Bowls from The Girl on Bloor

Here’s another recipe we want to try! My kids both LOVE anything with teriyaki sauce, so we can’t wait to check out this recipe!

Saturday: Instant Pot Jambalaya from Boulder Locavore

We have tried similar versions of this recipe, like Instant Pot red beans and rice, sometimes with chicken, sometimes with sausage or both! My hubby made regular jambalaya the other day and he ROCKED it! Next time, it’ll be fun to try this recipe, but in the Instant Pot!

Sunday: Instant Pot Pho Soup from April Golightly

Our family LOVED a little pho restaurant in Kingwood, TX, but we moved to Florida back in April. When I saw this recipe, I knew I wanted to save it for later … or sooner than later! I think my hubby and kids will be blown away that we can make pho in right in our kitchen!

Hope these ideas inspire you to enjoy some yummy Instant Pot Fall Dinners with your family!

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101 Days till Christmas Day 63 One Week of Instant Pot Fall Dinners pin
101 Days till Christmas Day 63 One Week of Instant Pot Fall Dinners pin

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