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101 Days till Christmas Day 64_ My Top 5 Fun Fall Snacks
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If you’ve been looking for fun fall snacks for your kids (especially after school and sports practices), check these out! I put together these ideas to help us get creative and have a little fun with fall snacks!

My Top 5 Fun Fall Snacks (for after school, Halloween or anytime!)

These fun fall snacks are quick & easy! You can have the ingredients handy for anytime the kids get hungry. And if your kids are anything like mine, that’s all the time!

1. Cute owl snacks from Parents magazine

For my dairy and nut-free daughter, we’ve found dairy-free cream cheese and you can use this list from the Kids with Food Allergies website to find nut-free substitutes.


2. Acorn-shaped melon slices!

I got creative one afternoon and cut cantaloupe slices into little acorns with cookie cutters like the ones below! My kids LOVED them and they were so easy to make! (Not an ad or affiliate link, I’m sharing these below from Poshmark because they look like the ones we have!)

101 Days till Christmas Day 64_ My Top 5 Fun Fall Snacks



3. Mummy dogs from Home Made Interest!

We tried a similar recipe a while back and even my hubby Adam loved them! We ate mummy dogs with green grapes and called it lunch! So fun! And perfect for Halloween (which is just 9 days away!)

4. Twice baked sweet potatoes with marshmallows from Planning Inspired!

My whole family could eat sweet potatoes every day! Especially my kids, 13 and 9, LOVE them! And if you add marshmallows, heck, it’s practically Christmas for dinner! Lol! To keep this more “snack-ish” and easy to make, get those “steam in a bag” little sweet potatotes, slice and top with a little pat o’ butter, some brown sugar, cinnamon & marshmallows! YUMMM!!!

5. Whole spelt pumpkin muffins from 100 Days of Real Food!

Have I shared recently how much I LOVE Lisa Leake and her blog, 100 Days of Real Food! My friend Celecia first told me about the site and I was hooked. Real food, healthy, easy AND kid-friendly? YES! We’ve tried a bunch of her recipes, including whole wheat banana pancakes, white chicken chili¬†and these pumpkin muffins (although I usually add a few mini chocolate chips to ours!)

So there’s my top 5 fun fall snacks for kids! Feel free to use any or all of these for after school, before or after sports practices, games and meets or even Halloween!

Laughing thru life,