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101 days till Christmas Day 65 Fall Date Night Ideas
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Ok, so we’re already getting a few hints of the Holiday season. It’s almost Halloween (that’s 10 days away!) Maybe you’ve already been to a pumpkin patch or fall festival. And I’ve already been spotting hints of CHRISTMAS!!! Today is Day 65 in our 101 Days till Christmas Countdown! But before the holiday season REALLY kicks in and sucks every possible ounce of calendar space from our lives, let’s schedule some of these FALL DATE NIGHT IDEAS with our love!

Fall date night ideas!

I’m rounding up a few fun Fall-themed date night ideas here on the blog! It’s important to kindle (or re-kindle) those flames of love with your babe this time of the year! We want to make it to the holidays more in love (and not more annoyed or bothered because we’re getting on each other’s nerves!) lol!

See if these ideas inspire you, or help you come up with a few of your own!

5 BUDGET Fall Date Night Ideas

Most of these budget fall date night ideas you can do once the kids are in bed, so you don’t even need to hire a babysitter (because it stops being “budget friendly” at that point!)

Dinner & a movie at home

‘Nough said! Put the kids in bed, snuggle on the couch and enjoy a movie! If you want to wait to eat together after the kids eat, great! If not, enjoy your family dinner, get bedtime taken care of and put on your favorite movie! Bonus points if you want to watch one that reminds you of when you were dating! La La Land always reminds us of one of our favorite dates – a midnight showing at a near-empty theatre in The Woodlands! SO fun!

Spa & candles at home

Are you down for a little at home spa love? You can give each other massages (or just foot rubs if you’re super tired! Lol!) Light a few candles, dim the lights and put on your favorite music. Man, there’s nothing like slowing down and enjoy some quality time (after the kids went to bed!) Hopefully no one wakes up and comes knocking on your door! If they do, no worries, just reschedule! Been there, done that! 🙂

Go for an evening stroll

This is one of those easy, cheap AND good for you budget date ideas! Send the kids to bed and walk up and down your street! If you have a dog, they’ll love you for taking them on your date! LOL! Feel free to use this time to DREAM about the future, not chat about all the “family issues.” Do that at another time that is not your date night. Ask each other what you’re hoping for this Christmas and for the new year 2020. It’ll be here before we know it!

Browse a book store!

Do they still have these? My hubby Adam and I have enjoyed strolling and browsing at Barnes & Noble or Half Priced Books. I feel like bookstores are hard to come by anymore, but if you find one, this is such a fun, budget-friendly idea! It’s another one that you could do while the kids are in school. If the shop has a cafe, extra bonus points!

Breakfast date

These are often WAY cheaper than dinner! And if your schedules allow it, you can drop the kids off at school and meet for a quick breakfast before heading to work!

5 SPLURGE Fall Date Night Ideas

These are splurge-y ideas that are fun, especially if you’re a Florida resident and have annual passes to the parks! Here are a few of our favorites — some that we’ve already done this year!

Epcot Food & Wine Festival

Our in-laws were here this summer and we were blessed enough to have them watch the kids one night in September so Adam and I were able to stroll through Epcot and enjoy the Food & Wine Festival! We were also able to watch the fireworks show “Illuminations” one more time before it ended on September 30th!

Epcot Eat to the Beat Concert

This one we haven’t been to on a hubby/wifey date, but I did take the kids! My son came with me to see MercyMe and my daughter joined me for the Lauren Daigle and 98* shows! If you’re not familiar with it, Epcot has an “Eat to the Beat” concert series during their Food and Wine Festival! It’s going on through November!

Magic Kingdom Monday 🙂

My hubby Adam was blessed to design t-shirts “en español” for our friends Jaclyn and Matt at Union 28 Marriage Apparel. We got them and were able to do a little photo shoot of the shirts at the Magic Kingdom! So we went ahead and did a little date of it! SO fun!

Downtown Disney

You can go all out at a more upscale restaurant or just grab a candy apple, but Downtown Disney is AWESOME for a bit of a splurgey date! They have shops, too, if you want to window shop or go on a little shopping spree! And they often have LIVE music! Plus, you could REALLY make it a splurge and go on the Aerophile balloon, go bowling or watch a movie!

City Walk

We recently had friends visit from Houston for their family’s Universal Studios vacation! We have Disney Annual Passes, not Universal, but we were still able to meet them at Universal’s City Walk! It was a BLAST! Technically, this was more of a family outing, but my friend Tracy reminded me the other day that it would be a perfect location for a little date night! She’s right! They have a ton of restaurants (all price points). And it’s just fun to stroll around!

Hope these ideas encourage you to plan a budget or splurge-y date night soon!

Laughing thru life,


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