Did God Just Tell Me to Change Lanes?

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Either that happened or I’m crazy.

(Granted, my hubby & kids might think I’m crazy either way–haha!) 

But something happened this morning that was, just maybe, a little bit supernatural.

I had a LOT on my mind after I dropped off the kids at school. I normally launch the Waze app to be my GPS and help me find the quickest route to work, but I was deep in thought and totally forgot to do it!

Most busy moms would probably agree that, on any given day, we have a lot on our minds. But today, I had two big ones on my list:

-My mom has an appointment this week with health insurance to find out if she is able to have the surgery she desperately needs this Friday.

-My husband has an MRI coming up to follow up on his benign brain tumor  surgery from this summer.

That’s among other things on my list that are financial, health-related, etc…

My mind was really racing today! 

I even mentally drifted back to a talent show in Puerto Rico years ago, where I was up against a girl who is a famous international worship leader today. I had a nagging feeling, wondering if I had messed up my life’s purpose somewhere along the way. Maybe I just wasn’t as good or good enough.

Then, another voice, much nicer and gentler, reminded me of how & when I left Puerto Rico, with a dream job offer in national radio that covered all relocation expenses, after receiving the two miraculous news that 1) my husband had a clean bill of health after a brain tumor, and 2) we had just found out we were expecting our first child!

I was reminded of how, as strangers in a new city, we were surprised by how quickly we met four other families who were all expecting babies at the same time as us, and how fast we became forever friends; they, and that whole church, were the extended family we needed as we welcomed our first son into the world.

I was reminded of a worship audition with the lead guy at our first church in California, who heard me sing a couple of bars and looked at me almost with a “welcome to the team, we’ve been expecting you” kind of smile.

I was reminded of the incredible journey God has taken us on, from Puerto Rico to California to Texas, and how never in 1 million years I would have imagined that I would end up singing in front of a world-class choir and orchestra, with some of the best musicians in Houston! Me?! Nah! 

But as my mind was going through all these different things and more, a billboard caught my eye that brought me to tears!

It was a billboard that said something about being HOME, and it was the billboard for my church, Second Baptist. 

And I still haven’t even gotten to the part of the story about changing lanes! 

That alone just blew me away with the reminder that God has been writing my story all along, and He most certainly is not finished with me yet! 

While I’m having this whole thought process, remembering God’s faithfulness in my life, and trusting him for all the stuff that’s going on right now, all of a sudden the fact that I had not turned on the Waze app popped into my head. 

As soon as I turned it on, it said to take the next exit which I had just enough time to do!

It was a detour that I needed to take just at that moment, because a little bit farther down, the traffic had come to a crawl!

I might have gotten teary-eyed again, as I realized that God had basically nudged me to change lanes at exactly the right time to get to my destination.

Kind of like He’s done so many times before. 

And just like that, I know I can trust Him for the next leg of this trip.

I bet it’s gonna be a fun one!

Laughing (and changing lanes) through life,


P.S. I enjoy sharing about my faith in Jesus. In fact, I have a book out called “Whole: How One Book Can Transform Your Whole Life”! Check out my book page on the blog menu to find out more! 

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  1. You are such a beautiful person, thank you for sharing your testimony with the world. Blessings

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