Did I FINALLY Learn to Wait?!

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If you ever find it hard to WAIT on God, I get it. But I hope that when you read part of my story here, you’re encouraged! As we learn to wait on God, it’s good to remember that it’s a process, He’s in control and EVERYTHING is going to be ok! So here we go!

Did I finally Learn to Wait?

My husband and I never sit together in church. Or rarely.

Ever since we met at our church in Puerto Rico, probably around 1998, he’s typically been in the sound booth, producing and working, while I’ve been on stage, singing, leading worship. And we love it that way!

But there have been times in our lives, when we weren’t working in church. And I haven’t always been this happy. (See photo for proof of current happiness! Lol!)

My hubby and I in church, smiling, ready for worship!
My hubby and I in church, smiling, ready for worship!

My face (and my spirit) haven’t always looked or felt this happy and content.

In the past, I’ve often wondered if …

  • … my season singing and leading worship was over.
  • …or, since I’m a mom, maybe my priorities needed to shift and I wouldn’t be on stage anymore.

I’ve felt sadness, frustration and I’ve resolved to give up and move on. I’ve accepted that things have changed.

But God ALWAYS has a surprise up His sleeve!

In the past, I haven’t always seen it. But this time, I feel like I’m expectant and excited!

A Little Church History

We moved from Puerto Rico to California in 2005. At that point, we had been married for a little over a year. Adam and I were new, pregnant with our first baby and excited about the future!

Coppe & Adam at Golden Gate Bridge

But we went from doing sound, leading worship and being SUPER involved in our church and the Christian community around us on the island, to being “new.”

We didn’t know what to do with ourselves!

I had AMAZING opportunities in Puerto Rico, like the time I sang in a stadium and opened the concert for Crystal Lewis!

And then, just like that, I was the new pregnant mom, in a different season of life.

I could have easily assumed that I didn’t have to sing or lead worship anymore. It was time for a change.

But God had other plans!

My husband, being the hands-on, servant leader that he is, quickly volunteered at our first church in California.

That led to us meeting the worship leader, Eli, hitting it off and becoming life-long friends with him and his also-pregnant wife, Celest. It didn’t take long for me to join the worship team.

A few of us girls and band wives were all pregnant together! And we didn’t skip a beat! We’d all nurse our babies, go on stage to lead worship, and head right back to the nursery afterwards.

It was such a fun season!

(Learning to Wait) from California to Texas

Towards the end of our time in California, God put people in our lives that drew us back to Spanish Christian music, specifically through the Instituto Canzion.

We had NO idea at the time, but God was paving the way for us to connect with an amazing Spanish Christian community in Houston, Texas.

Easter at Second Baptist Church worshipping with my friends Eddie Martinez, Jaci Velasquez and Nic Gonzales 2014
Easter at Second Baptist Church worshipping with my friends Eddie Martinez, Jaci Velasquez and Nic Gonzales 2014

It didn’t happen overnight.

(Seldom do things ever really work like that.)

At our first church in Houston (specifically in Kingwood), I remember how I felt: MISERABLE. I thought we were ramping things up in California, and I was READY!

But while God was saying chill, child, I’m getting you ready for a new season and need you to rest for now, I was restless and impatient.

In California, I sang with the Instituto Canzion ICZ Band in San Jose, and we opened the concert for Marcos Witt! I was in shock!!!

And then it seemed I got off this epic cruise of “great things are happening,” but we got dropped off on a deserted island.

Of course, I couldn’t see that it wasn’t deserted at ALL! I just had to keep walking and trusting God because He had a party waiting on the other side of those palm trees.

I think the problem some of us have is that we get so frustrated, we build a hut on the sand, make our own stage and stay on that deserted island, making things happen on our own.

If we only trusted God’s timing, we’d see His plans are SO much better.

(Learning to Wait) From Houston to Orlando

Our life in Houston was a dream…with lots of unexpected twists and turns. But a dream nonetheless.

I don’t know how God did it, but He opened doors for us to connect with many of the mega-churches, specifically with their Spanish services.

It’s still ridiculous to me the people we got to meet and work with … without knocking on doors or sending out resumes.

One of those amazing people was my friend, Chris Rocha! He invited me to record a few songs with him, like this one. So fun!



We just served where we were and went where we were sent.

And I think these experiences have been preparing me for the season I’m in right now.

It’s a lot easier to write in hindsight, but I’m taking a risk and sharing this now, in the moment.

I honestly don’t know all the plans God has for our family here in this NEW season in Florida.

From reading His word, the Bible, I know His plans for us are GOOD. He works all things together for GOOD!

So, while in the past I have fretted and worried and been anxious, wondering and doubting how things would work out, this time is different!

In part because I’ve seen God do it before, I believe He can do it again!

I may not know exactly WHAT He’s doing, but I’m excited to find out!

And, unlike our past moves where I’ve felt impatient, I feel pretty chill! (Honestly, that surprises me!)

I’m honestly thinking, God, take Your time. I’m over here, enjoying worship in church with my husband by my side! And I’m in no hurry to leave.

Laughing (and worshipping) thru life,


If you ever have a hard time learning to wait, me, too! I hope in sharing part of my story that you'll be encouraged. God's timing is perfect and He's not finished with us yet!
If you ever have a hard time learning to wait, me, too! I hope in sharing part of my story that you’ll be encouraged. God’s timing is perfect and He’s not finished with us yet!