Fearless starts tomorrow!

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“What are you, chicken?”

As a girl who loves the 80s, that phrase always makes me think of Marty McFly in “Back to the Future 2.” His reply was, “Nobody … calls me … CHICKEN!” Marty just couldn’t handle the pressure and that drove him to make stupid choices.

Isn’t that still true? When we’re afraid, whether it’s fear of the unknown or fear that others might think we’re afraid (double-fear!), that is not a great place to be emotionally when it comes to decision making … or when it comes to just plain living.

Could you use a little fearlessness in your life? PERFECT!

For all my Houston ladies, you are invited to join me for the Fearless Conference for Women at Sagemont Church tomorrow and Saturday.

I’m super excited to be one of the speakers. I’ll be doing two breakout sessions: one in English and one “en Español.”

Click on the banner for more info and to register. I hope to see you there!




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