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Fun Friday: Rodeo, Free Improv and More!

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It’s FUN FRIDAY TIME!!!! Woohooo! This is the part where we have fun just because it’s Friday!

Last time, I shared some Livin’ La Vida Disney fun, thanks to my sister, Emille.

Today, just in case you have kids, a limited budget and some free time this weekend, there’s a TON of ideas for what to do in Houston (for all my local peeps) to fill the next few days with fun.

Every week, my friend Vicki Powers puts together a list of Free Weekend Fun on her site, Houston on the Cheap.  I love checking it out because I always find AMAZING things to do. For example, if you’ve never gone to the Downtown Rodeo Parade, it’s tomorrow, Saturday, February 27th. And it’s totally worth checking out the fun, especially if you love all things Western. Our family is still fairly new to Texas and the first time we experienced the parade, we couldn’t believe it! There were a TON of horses, actual cowboys & cowgirls and a true celebration of western heritage. Really fun!

Speaking of Westerns and Rodeos, my kids had Go Texan day at school today. They figured that meant sister got a horsey ride from big brother. Oh, brother!

He was even making horsey faces and sounds. YEEHAW, y’all!

Thankfully, I got a nice picture of the kids, too! Did I say nice? I meant funny.

I think this is as nice as it gets. I love it!! These two are something else! I love them!

Now, if Rodeo is not your thing, how about a free improv class? That always makes me think of the TV show “Whose Line is it Anyway?” Old favorite!

Or if you’re into Disney movies like me, (and my Livin’ La Vida Disney sister), and you heard they’re doing a remake of the 1977 Pete’s Dragon (which my sister and I were freaking out over because that’s one of our favorite childhood movies), you’re going to love this!

Tomorrow night, at Central Green Park, they’re showing the original 1977 classic Pete’s Dragon … and it’s a FREE Movie Night! (Again, thanks to Houston on the Cheap for all this amazing info!)

That’s just an idea of all the fun stuff you can do in Houston THIS weekend! Feel free to pass this along to someone who needs some ideas for free (or cheap) family fun!


(Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I’ll receive compensation, at no extra cost to you!)