Houston: Strong floods, Stronger faith!

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It breaks my heart to see the number of people who have died in the Houston floods this week. 

And it’s surreal to watch so many flooded streets with submerged cars, affected homes and damaged businesses. 

The last time I experience a flooded street was during Hurricane Hugo in Puerto Rico in 1989. I was 12 years old and thankful that our house was spared, even as we had to almost swim to the end of the street! 

It’s sometimes embarrassingly easy to brush off other people’s suffering when it doesn’t affect us directly. But if we try for a second to put ourselves in other people’s shoes, we can have an emotional chain reaction that goes from thanksgiving (we’re ok) to survivor guilt (I’m sorry they’re not ok) to help mode (can I help them be ok?)

Thank God, there are two things we can always do. Whatever our circumstances may be, we can pray with faith that God is our rescuer, our refuge and our provider. 

Here is a link to Red Cross shelters if you or someone you know needs them.

And if you want to help, local TV station KHOU shared info about how to donate at local Randall’s stores.

Stay safe! Turn around, don’t drown. I’m praying for you today!