Hurricane Harvey, flooding and our evacuation story Day 2

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Today, my 86-year old grandmother had to get in a boat, and then ride an Army truck to a shelter, not knowing where they would go next. 

Thankfully, she was with her daughter (my mom), and my dad. Their evacuation story was dramatic enough to make the local news

I cannot say thank you enough for the way those volunteers helped my family. Please know we are so grateful.

They also ended up on that Army truck with our good friends and neighbors, the Chicagos (who ended up on CBS News!)

Before all this happened, my day started with a live call on the radio with my friends in Southern California, Bryan and Brandi. They host the morning show on KSGN, and this morning had another radio friend, David Harms, on the air, doing a fundraiser for Houston flood victims. I was grateful that they invited me to share our story, straight from Houston.

After that, I was on the air in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with my friend Les. We go WAY back to having worked together at my first radio station in Puerto Rico! It’s crazy to see how the world is watching Houston right now.

Both stations asked their listeners to give what they could and pray. I’m so thankful to be a local voice, helping share what Houston is going thru.

Our family’s evacuation story day 2 also included:

  • A vegan pancake breakfast  (thank you, Kasey!)
  • Hangout time with our family (and neighbors who stopped by later) on the front porch (which happens mostly during hurricanes. Ha!)
I love my family!
  • Cleaning out the guinea pig’s travel case, and letting him run around a bit, with three girls ages 3 to 7! That was so cute and fun (and dirty! The cage was a little gross!)
  • Helicopters flying thru our area

  • Sunbutter and jelly sandwiches for lunch (a huge blessing because my friend had a nut free option!) Praise God for taking care of my daughter’s food allergies. She said that was the best lunch EVER! God is truly into the big and small details.
  • TV and cell phone time (plus getting laundry done) when we had power (we had some outages on and off.)
  • The hubbies (my friend Kasey’s hubby Jason, plus Adam) and our son Chris drove around to get food and see if they could help rescue folks (they’re my heroes!)
  • And they found Chinese food! Dinner solved.

On a sad note, my son found out his best friend lost one of his dogs as they evacuated. So heartbreaking. He said his friend is ok, but it’s just rough to hear what people we love are going thru.

As we wrapped up the day, we prayed for our friends and thanked God that the rain stopped. 

We thanked Him because the grandparents and our friends the Chicago’s evacuated safely and found a home for now! 

We thanked Him for a wonderful home, electricity, comfy beds and more provided for our family.

And I’m smiling, remembering the moment my friend Kasey and I realized the sun was coming out. We were ecstatic! Elated! Joyful! Smiling like idiots! 

The rays of light we saw breaking thru the clouds filled us with hope. The storm was over.