Inspiration Summer: Out of the Box!

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Ok, so this is literally about a time when I had a treasure inside a box and it had just been sitting on a shelf because I was so busy, I convinced myself I didn’t have time to open the box and enjoy what was inside.

It sounds crazy, but a few months ago, I received a beautiful gift wrapped with a golden ribbon. I opened it and saw that they were beautiful art prints, with Bible verses and inspirational quotes from Scarlet and Gold Shop. I loved it! The gift even came with a cell phone case that I immediately put to use!

But the rest of the art prints went back into the box to wait for a time when I could find a place around our home to display them.

I don’t think I realized how stressed out and overwhelmed I had been for a long time until I quit my job. The “hidden art prints” are a symbol of so many treasures that were sitting unopened, unenjoyed, while my life was consumed by busyness and stress.

Enough was enough. My goodness! 

I’m incredibly grateful for the time spent praying and soul-searching with my husband, which led us to make the decision for me to quit my job. Our lives have calmed down in some ways. We have had more time to dream and take bigger steps to pursue those dreams and passions that God has put in our hearts.

And with the kids out of school and this whole summer here for us to enjoy, I had the idea of declaring it an Inspiration Summer! So what did that mean???  

I wanted to spend time this summer on the things that brought us joy! More music around our home! More living room dance parties! Inspirational Bible verses and quotes displayed all around! 

And the more I thought about this, the more I found ways to incorporate this into our home in very easy ways. 

We curated a “CoppeliaMarie” Spotify playlist with some of our favorite worship songs. Just hit play anytime you need inspiration!

We started decluttering and enjoying our home a little more.

And I remembered the hidden treasure art prints!

This week, we unwrapped the golden ribbon and took them out of the box.

One of them had The Lord’s Prayer and another is a beautiful gold script reminder that we are fearfully & wonderfully made by God! Love them!
We also went bargain shopping at Goodwill for cool looking frames. And I’ve been eyeing some perfect spots around our home to display them. 

I’m excited to see how this Inspiration Summer is shaping up to be so inspirational. Ha! 

I hope you enjoy reading about these adventures! And I hope this inspires you to take some treasures out of the box and make your summer inspirational, too!

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section. I’d love to know what you think!

And thanks for reading!


Coppelia ❤️