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My new book comes out in 1 WEEK!!!

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It’s crazy how sometimes things happen all at once! My hubby is having brain surgery the same week that my book comes out.

It’s extra crazy because the book was supposed to come out back in April! And it happened to be that same month that we found out that there was a brain tumor.

But you know what??? I am thankful to God for the strength He has been giving us (and for the health He’s been giving Adam because thankfully, he has not had any serious symptoms through this. Even the minor seizures he’d been getting have not happened in weeks!)

So, since April, we’ve been working on pushing past the delays with the book, and I’ve continued to do prison ministry, singing in churches, blogging and all that fun stuff, regardless of whatever else has been going on.

Honestly, it’s in times like these that we realize “it’s not about me.” God is definitely in control and He is definitely guiding and leading us every step. All we have to do is follow Him.

So here, we are … and my first book “Whole: How One Book Can Transform Your Whole Life” comes out a week from today! July 26th is the official date!!! WOOHOOOO!!!

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I’m so excited! Thanks for sharing this crazy journey with me!

Love & blessings,