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Praying for Kate … and not giving up

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have been praying for a little girl named Kate McCrae for years. She has been battling brain cancer.

I was working at a radio station called Air 1 when I first heard about Kate through the lead singer of Christian band Sanctus Real. He was asking his fans if they could pray for that little girl. And for some reason, even though I now work at another Christian radio station, KSBJ, I have continued to pray for Kate and get updates through her CaringBridge website.
Today, as I read some of the comments, this one caught my eye:
Notice that it’s from “God is Gracious:”
By God is Gracious — 7 hours ago
Hello beautiful! How are you? I read your story today, Miss Kate McRae. Pure, that is who you are! You want to know something? I think your on a boat, are you on a boat, Miss Kate McRae? You must be, because your momma said you were going up and down. And then she said you were just being way too silly 😀 Yup, your on a boat for sure! Momma said you are feeling tired. I know those waves can be big and make a person frightened and tired. That is ok though. Do you know why? The disciples were on a boat just like you and the waves made them go up and down, they were scared, and tired too. Do you know what they did? They ran to the bottom of the boat, the stern, and do you know who was there? Jesus! Guess what He was doing? Sleeping 😀 He listened as the disciples cried out. Then He went to the top of the boat and told the storm to STOP and guess what it did. Awesome, huh!!!! The Lord loves you and He is right there with you, your momma and your daddy. You know you can also lay right beside Jesus too because sometimes the storms will still rage but you beautiful can still rest and be refreshed. It is always restful and peaceful with Jesus 😀 Gosh, He is God for sure!!!! Be at Pure peace and remain at rest, lovely!!!”

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I don’t know what it is about that post that made it stand out & made me come back to it and even blog about it here. Maybe because it’s so unique. Maybe because it makes so much sense.

I can’t add much more, nor should I. This is the time to simply rest, pray, and abide in Him, our Lord Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit.