Starbucks poke-n-slap debacle

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It’s Sunday morning.

The beds are made.
Teeth are brushed.
Clothes look cute. 
We got a nice Starbucks drive-thru breakfast & got to church on time.

But we’re all miserable and I’m in tears.

All morning long it was “mommy says” and whiny “I don’t want to’s.”

In the car, after Allyson poked Christopher in the eye and slapped his face right before we ordered at the drive thru, I let both of them verbally have it. After threats of “no breakfast,” everyone calmed down and was deathly quiet for the long 45 minute drive to church.

But between the Starbucks poke & slap debacle & the deathly silence, we actually pulled out of the drive thru, into a parking lot, stopped and prayed.

We asked God for forgiveness. I asked Him that we didn’t want our family to live in the sinful nature (arguing, fighting, bickering, anger & rage.) We want our family, our apartment, our home to be filled with His fruit: love, joy, peace … nice conversations & fun.

Then we turned on the radio, and the song that played had to do with how God’s mercies are new every morning. Every day when we mess up, sister hits brother; he argues with sister; we all whine and complain; IF we confess and ask God to forgive us, He does. Every morning, every day.

We all said our apologies and “I love you’s,” and reluctantly went in to church.

“If we ever needed You, Lord its now.”

As a frazzled mom, before I stand in front of people to lead them in worship to God in church this morning, I needed that reminder of God’s mercy. Thank You, Lord.