Get a Hive Smart Home Set Up After Dinner!

Hive Smart Home
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Is it possible to set up a Hive smart home system without a lot of time or effort? Yes! And can you believe you could do it after dinner one night? I couldn’t believe it was that easy! As a Hive Brand Ambassador, I was already excited to receive their products for our family to set up, test, and share our honest review. I think my tech-loving hubby was even more excited! And now that we got the products and were able to test them last night, I can’t wait for you to check them out!

First, what are your evenings like?

What do you normally do after you get home? Dinner and dishes? Sit and watch TV? Maybe fold and put away laundry, then tuck the kids into bed?

Can you imagine, in that same post-dinner amount of time, setting up a smart home system you can control on your computer or smartphone?

My hubby and I just did that last night with Hive Smart Home products and it was AMAZING!

Check out my video below where I walk you through how EASY it was to set up the HIVE smart home products we received to review and share. Our family enjoyed setting everything up. It was very user friendly and instructions were simple and easy to follow. They even have helpful videos to walk you through the process, just in case you need them. 🙂

The kids may already be plotting some smart home lamp pranks for their babysitter … haha!

Thanks for watching the video! And thanks for checking out HIVE! Click here to find out more about Hive’s Welcome Home Smart Home plans!

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12 thoughts on “Get a Hive Smart Home Set Up After Dinner!

  1. This is so cool! However, my husband doesn’t like the idea of the smart home and everything so technology driven because it can get hacked and such. However, this seems like a rather different approach to it!

    1. That’s wise of your hubby, to stay safe with technology for sure! Lol! What I love about this is that I don’t feel that it’s that different from using a remote to change channels. You’re just using an “app remote” to turn appliances on and off, dim lights, etc… But I totally see that point! I might ask about how they keep their systems safe from hackers!

    1. Do it!! My hubby was like a little kid installing everything and playing with it. We even got the Hive app on my daughter’s tablet and son’s phone … they’re excited about pranking the baby sitter! Haha!

    1. That’s awesome, Amber! I hope you guys love it! I was surprised at how user friendly they are! (I love easy set ups!)

    1. Me, too! The app is so clean and streamlined! I feel futuristic everytime I get a notification that the door opened (even if I know it’s cuz hubby’s home! Haha!)

    1. Thanks, Cecilia! And I’m so glad the video came together! My 11 year old son was the one who told me about the video editing app! Haha! 🙂

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