Monday Movie Giveaway: Disney’s Descendants 2!

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Update: Congrats to my two winners, Diana and Raquel! And thanks to everyone for entering the giveaway! Come back to the blog soon for more family, faith and fun! -Coppelia 
When was the last time you had a FUN MONDAY?! I’ve posted Fun Friday giveaways here on my blog in the past, but today I have a FUN Monday Movie Giveaway! If you haven’t seen the new Disney movie Descendants 2, then this is your chance to win one of two DVDs, provided by sponsor Allied Integrated Marketing on behalf of Disney.

Descendants 2 movie

Just in case you’re not familiar with the story line, while Disney princesses and their princes live happily ever after, the villains apparently have lives, too. In Descendants and its sequel, Descendants 2, we follow the story of the kids who call some of the villains mom and dad. Jay is Jafar’s son, from Aladdin. Evie is the daughter of Snow White’s Evil Queen. Carlos calls Cruella de Vil “Mom” (101 Dalmatians). And Mal is the daughter of Sleeping Beauty’s villain, Maleficent (who is played in the movie by Broadway star Kristen Chenoweth!)

In Descendants 2, we also meet The Little Mermaid’s villain, Ursula’s daughter, Uma, played by DIsney star China Anne McClain. It was fun to see her back on the Disney channel (since this is a Disney movie). My kids used to love watching her in the Disney channel sitcom, Ant Farm!

My kids are THRILLED that I’m giving away Descendants 2 on the blog! (Mom win! YAY!) Lol!

I hope your kids are excited, too!

It’s just a simple way to make this Monday more fun!!! 🙂

Here’s how you enter to win:

Post in the comments below your answer to this question: Which Disney Descendants 2 villain are you like when you’re grumpy or having a bad day? (lol!)

A) Evie and Evil Queen: “Pay attention to me because I’m the fairest of them all. Also, I’M TALKING and I’M THE MOM!”

B) Carlos and Cruella: Cruella is just mean. yikes! (Don’t pick this one…lol!)

C) Jay and Jafar: “If you don’t give that to me now, I will TAKE IT AWAY!”

D) Mal and Maleficent: “You either do as I say or I’ll cast a spell on you (aka, you’re grounded!)”

E) Uma and Ursula: “You’re a poor unfortunate soul if you cross me the wrong way today!”


Ok, some of those are just silly! LOL! But that’s the whole point! Have fun with it!

Pick one of the options above or come up with your own. I’ll pick 2 winners by the end of the week!

Have a FUN Monday!

Laughing (and making Mondays fun) thru life,


P.S. If you haven’t entered the contest yet, post your answer below in the comments!

Descendants 2 Monday Movie GIveaway

Giveaway Rules

  • No purchase necessary.
  • Prize is one of 2 Disney’s Descendants 2 movie DVDs.
  • The sponsor, Allied Integrated Marketing on behalf of Disney, provided me the opportunity to give away the DVDs to my readers. If the sponsor does not fulfill your prize, the blogger is not responsible for prize fulfillment.
  • Open to individual U.S. residents aged 18 and older only; void where prohibited.
  • One entry per person.
  • Giveaway ends Friday, August 11, 2017, at 5:00 p.m. CST. Winner will be selected randomly and notified via e-mail no later than Monday, August 14, 2017.
  • Winner agrees to allow the blogger to share his/her e-mail address and first and last name to the sponsor for fulfillment of the prize.
  • Prize unclaimed after 48 hours from notification is forfeited and the blogger reserves the right to select another winner.
  • We reserve the right to cancel the giveaway at any time.

22 thoughts on “Monday Movie Giveaway: Disney’s Descendants 2!

  1. I would go with E) Uma and Ursula: “You’re a poor unfortunate soul if you cross me the wrong way today!” Lol!

  2. My other mom friends have been talking about this. I have no idea how it got past me … I need to watch the first one (I mean, my kids). I think I am probably in the poor unfortunate soul part of this. Count me as E.

  3. Both of my kids love Descendants!
    Im going with -Jay and Jafar: “If you don’t give that to me now, I will TAKE IT AWAY!”
    Thanks for the chance!

  4. We love Descendants! I am going to say this one —–>>> Mal and Maleficent: “You either do as I say or I’ll cast a spell on you (aka, you’re grounded!)” Thanks so much for the giveaway!


  5. D. Mal i am more like mal when I am having a bad day Hope I win your giveaway I watched descendants 2 its a great movie.

  6. Evie and Evil Queen “Pay Attention To Me because I am The Fairest of Them All …..Me Me Me….. I Love All Of Disney’s Movies !

  7. I had to really think about this. I concluded that when I’m grumpy or having a bad day, I am like Evie and Evil Queen. I am the mom, and I set the rules and want them to be followed, and I can’t stand to be ignored. I want my daughter to listen to me. Now I can tell my daughter I am the Evil Queen. Lol. This was fun. Thank you.

  8. I would definitely be E) Uma and Ursuala “Your a poor unfortunate soul if you cross me the wrong way today”. Lol.

  9. Hi Coppelia. Thanks for the opportunity to share my comments.
    When I have a bad day, I usually just cry to Jesus, but when somebody makes me mad I feel like to want to punch them in the face. Thanks to the patience that God has given me this usually does not happen, lol, I guess I can compare myself with Carlos and Cruella. Dios te bendiga Coppe, “hechale ganas!” asi como decimos los mexicanos.

  10. I have never seen these movies! I have always wanted to. My daughter’s are getting older and finally making the switch from Disney jr to Disney shows!!! I would have to say my answer would be Uma and Ursula! Today is not the day! Lol

  11. D) Mal and Maleficent:(Me) Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who’s The Baddest Of Them All? Welcome To My Wicked World, Wicked World! I’m Rotten To The Core, Rotten To The Core, Rotten To The Core, Who Could Ask For More? ME? I COULD! I WILL WIN! (Mom)YOU WILL NOT WIN! I AM THE BOSS, AND I WILL MAKE THE RULES! YOU ARE THE CHILD, AND YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME! IF YOU DON”T, YOU WILL BE GROUNDED!

  12. D) Mal and Maleficent: “You either do as I say or I’ll cast a spell on you (aka, you’re grounded!)”

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