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To my Daughter on her 7th Birthday

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Dear Allyson,

You are the most beautiful 7 year old I have ever seen. You look up at me with your big  expressive brown eyes, smiling with those loose teeth you can’t wait to lose, and I can hardly believe God chose me to be your Mami.

Mom & Baby
God answered a TON of prayers when I found out I was pregnant with YOU … and then when we found out you were a GIRL (even though big brother Chris knew it already and called you “Baby Chickily”!

Big brother & baby girl
I had a c-section with big brother and really wanted a VBAC with you. Well, guess what?!? God gave me that desire of my heart, too!

With your birth, your arrival to this crazy world, you instantly made it better. Your uncle Tio Tat drove all the way from San Jose to Sacramento, California and he brought Sprinkles cupcakes to celebrate your arrival! 

Uncle & baby niece
Like God’s word says, children are a blessing from the Lord, and you were a HUGE blessing from the very beginning, especially to your daddy. He even picked your name, Allyson Jewel! (You have a really cute Daddy!) 

Daddy & his girl
As a baby, you loved being with your Daddy more than anything. 

Daddy & his newborn girl
You loved your sweet pink & brown cradle swing that played music & projected starry lights (while brother did what big brothers do, trying to be silly!) 

Big brother & baby sister on the cradle swing
And you loved hanging ON your Mami (once I got the hang of the Moby Wrap!) 

Mom & kids with Moby Wrap
As a 3-year-old , when I signed you up for baby ballet, you informed me, looking cute as ever in your tutu & ballerina bun, that you wanted to do gymnastics. 

Now, as a sassy 7 year-old, you are part of Team Hope at Rowland Ballard and well on your way to becoming a gymnast!

Parents and daughter with gymnastics medal
I can’t believe that at just 7 years old we’re already getting to see your gifts & talents grow & bloom!

You sang for the first time in church this past Sunday with the Spanish choir! And you auditioned for a solo with the English choir, too! 

Allyson's audition

And I know this is only the beginning! 

I love seeing how you get excited about Christmas (just like your Mami!) 

Allyson loves Christmas!
And I love how you have been a blessing to so many others, including the day you helped celebrate Rudy & Jessica’s wedding as their stunning flower girl! 

Flower girl
Daddy & I pray for you and Chris every day. We love you both so much! And we can’t wait to see all the wonderful things God has in store! 

I’m especially looking forward to more Mami-Daughter times together!!!

Mami and daughter
Laughing (and loving my baby girl) thru life,


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  1. Happy Birthday Allyson! Coppelia, this is so sweet and something for Allyson to treasure. Nothing like a Mami and daughter relationship.

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