Travel goodies! 

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It caught my eye like an oasis in a germy desert. Did I just hit the health jackpot at the airport? 


I’m a mom of two, ages 9 & 6, trying to maneuver the three of us and our luggage through Bush airport in Houston, Texas. We are on our way to a little vacation to see the grandparents in Puerto Rico, when all of a sudden, I saw it!

I had heard and read a lot about The Honest Company, but had never been this impressed. They went through a lot of trouble to meet this reluctant mom where I was vulnerable–walking through a germy airport, trying to keep my kids healthy and away from getting coughed on by sick travelers.

I say I was reluctant, because when I buy products for my family, organic isn’t King. Convenience and “the best possible choice within the budget” reign.

But how cool that The Honest Company showed up with the coolest, most friendly-looking vending machine I have ever seen, almost as if to say, ” I know you’ve thought of trying our products, so we wanted to make it easier for you.”

I just wanted to say, thanks!