#UnprocessingMe Days 13-20 Healthy Bingo Week!

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I think my favorite part of this week was this: my son’s healthy bingo! 

The fourth grade class at Deerwood Elementary sent home a healthy bingo Game board. Kids can fill it out by doing healthy things like eating blue, green or orange fruits & veggies, playing different sports, etc. 

What I love about this is how it challenged our family to look for opportunities so that we could mark off as many bingo squares as we could. It’s been fun! 

After we finish this one, I think I might print more of these bingo squares! It’s so much better to see healthy eating & exercise as a fun game (not a chore.)

This game (and a little push from Mom) got my kids to eat grilled over their preferred “crunchy chicken” at Chick fil A. 

That alone was an #Unprocessing success! 

Here’s to more #Unprocessed fun!