#UnprocessingMe Day 6: Skip the Sweet Snack

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There is nothing better, after waking up before 4am, starting my work day at 4:45am, waiting in the kids’ school car pick up line, before we go home to try to survive “homeworkgeddon,” than stopping at Starbucks or Sonic for an after-school snack. 

I often indulge. I’ll do a Sonic Blast with Reese’s, or a Frappuccino. And maybe I’ll split a brownie or chocolate chip cookie with my daughter.

Today, after school, we had my daughter’s appointment with the allergist, to go over some blood work. Not super stressful, but just enough.

I couldn’t wait for that After School Starbucks stop!

But I’m also in the middle of this #UnprocessingMe challenge. What was I going to do? Indulge or restrain?

I surprised myself. I went through the Starbucks drive-thru, got my kids a little treat, and went home. I’ll admit, I had a bite of my son’s scone. But that’s way better than eating a whole one!

In the past, I had just given up if I couldn’t do a full #Unprocessed challenge. But to be fair, the challenge creator, Andrew Wilder, says even if you take the challenge for one day, go for it!

So I’m going for it!

And I can’t wait to see the results at the end of the month.